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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dumbest thing ever

Went to the lab room to print something. I left and realized I left my wallet, with my door swipe card, inside the room, but the door shut on me a fraction of a second too soon. I would've gotten one of the people in my group to open the door for me except that I left the group lunch early so that I could go home and pack (I'm leaving for the airport in less than half an hour), which means that there was no one around to open the door for me....

Luckily, I'm not completely dumb. I went to the secretary and fortunately she had card access to the room, so I borrowed her key and got my wallet. Could've been serious trouble though...

Leaving for San Francisco for the big volleyball tournament!!! Then, gf arrives 1 week later (post about that to come :p)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Strange qualifiers

I've had some encounters with strange qualifiers recently.

Use the "A" key.

Show encrypted text

Apparently I'm famous

Overheard at a paper review meeting for a conference:

Oh, Vincent Cheung is a famous vision researcher.

My prof was an area chair for one of the big computer vision conferences and him along with a bunch of other profs and researchers were off at some place discussing which papers to accept for the conference. Each paper gets peer reviewed by three people from the research community and then the area chairs use these reviews to guide them in their decisions. Apparently they sometimes look at the names of the reviewers to see how credible the reviews are and one time they were checking the names of the reviewers and somebody said the above quote. My prof found it amusing and just kept his mouth shut :)

I was also gonna post about the conference I went to a little while ago, but it's been a long time and I'm too lazy. It was kinda cool this time compared to 2005, because people were familiar with my work :)

Chris and Dayna's Wedding

The happy couple tying the knot

The high school shot

The cool kids.... eating Popeye candy sticks :p

My mosquito collection collected in the last few min. of the reception. I had forgotten was it was like to get bitten so bad.

More pictures

I've been procrastinating blogging for quite some time and I'm gonna get back into it now. What always makes me stop blogging is when something big happens and there are a lot of pictures. I feel obliged to put captions on the pics and write about the event, but I get lazy and keep putting it off. More often then not, I then don't even post about it (like trips), but I'm posting at least something this time.

Way back on July 15th, Chris and Dayna got married. It was a very nice ceremony at a beautiful outdoor place at Bird's Hill Park, about 45 min. outside of Winnipeg. My story about Chris is that we went to high school together, but we didn't become friends until we were in undergrad together in computer engineering. He came across to me as arrogant in high school, I was told by this girl, who I may have had a crush on for a while, not to like him, and we did not hang out in the same crowd. But come university, I found out the kind of guy he actually was, and he's a good guy that I have much respect for, and we've been good friends since. My story about Dayna is that on New Year's 2005 (2004?), which I think is when I met her, we were at Rob's, had a little too much to drink and fell asleep on the couch together... right in front of Chris :p. Apparently that's why she doesn't drink with us anymore :p. They're a cute couple and I think they suit each other well.

Something I find interesting is the perspective that people have about me depending on how they know me. I was at Chris and Dayna's house in the morning after the wedding for brunch with a bunch of other people and at some point got to talking to Chris's mom for a bit. Although I hadn't talked to her before, she knew about me through Chris since we were friends and had schooled together for 7 years. She later proceeded to tell other people (relatives I think) when they joined the conversation that I had gone here and here to work and stuff. I found it a bit odd, but amusing at the same time. I guess I just haven't been around parents for a while, especially ones who's knowledge of me is almost purely academic. In Toronto, most people know me outside of academia and I think they have a different view of me.

After blading home after the brunch, I got caught up in some tar on the road and took a bit of a fall. I blame the bad roads in Winnipeg, my old rollerblades, and the fact that I wasn't paying attention. I should've used my concrete volleyball experience and rolled instead of just breaking my fall by sticking my hands out. Over two weeks later and my hand is still scabbed.

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