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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Semi-Annual Engineering Dinner Summer 2007 Edition

Vince, Greg, Debbie, Anthony (Debbie's fiance), and Andrew

Vince, Andy, and Florence

Vince, Vanessa, and Erlyn

Alfred, Alice, Becky, and Alvin

As per tradition, a couple of us engineers that went to undergrad together got together for dinner yesterday. This time, the crowd was quite different than usual and I saw several people that I haven't seen since we graduated! I think we had a new record this time with 11 iron rings! We would've had more, but a number of the usuals (Chris, Rob, Kevin, Fan, Nusraat, and Rostecki) couldn't make it for various reasons (out of town, fiance's birthday, baseball, illness).

It all started maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. Debbie, who I haven't seen since undergrad, found me on facebook (everyone's on facebook now!) and we got to talking and it just so happened that I was gonna be in Winnipeg soon and I told her of the semi-annual engineering dinners that I have been organizing. We combined forces this time and got together a good crowd of 16 in total. We had some issues with the restuarant, Joey's at Polo Park, b/c they didn't take reservations (though they said ahead of time that they could handle us) and the tables were small and not together. People were even cliquier than usual b/c of the small tables. People just sat with people that they see all the time (a natural tendency). The one exception was my table where no one, aside from the couple, had barely even seen or talked with anyone else since undergrad. That's how it's supposed to be, reconnecting with people. It's not much better when we have a big long table b/c you can't talk to very many people. I think next time, I'll host a dinner at my house or something. Maybe do a potluck and get people walking around more. It'll be tougher though b/c it'll be near Christmas and I'll only be able to properly host it on a Saturday...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's amusing quotes

...and how old are you now? (as if talking to a 12 year old)

-- New girl at the dentist's office

Is this for a gift registry? (was it that obvious??)

-- Cashier

I have no idea what it is or what to do about it.

-- Periodontist

Can you review 4 conference papers for me by the end of the day?

-- Prof

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What happens in Grand Forks, stays in Grand Forks, except what gets posted online :)

Chris, the stag

Rob, the driver and best man

Justin, the onion enthusiast

Vince, the light weight

Golf carts made it much easier to find balls

Cactus Blossom!


Second wind: Chris and the ladies. Too bad one was married and the other was engaged. I somehow got the married one to buy us like a dozen drinks :)

More pictures

We went on a road trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota (USA) for Chris's stag (bachelor party).

Things overheard during the weekend:
  • Rob: "Don't you know you're not allowed to take pictures at a stag?"

  • Rob: "What happens in Grand Forks, stays in Grand Forks"

  • Vince: "This is going on my blog"

  • Chris: "Baja Rosa?"

  • Chris: "Did you know your Mom and sister were gonna be here?"

  • Rob: "No..."

  • Vince: "They're the entertainment"

  • "Let's put Gatorade-vodka in our Nalgenes and bring them on the golf course"

  • "Golf... or something like it. The sequel."

  • Chris: "Maybe you are left handed"

  • Vince: "Stop driving over my golf ball."

  • Vince: "Where's the key?"

  • Hotel desk: "This is the group that may have problems tomorrow morning"

  • Justin: "This is my 3rd Nalgene"

  • Chris: "Mystery shots!"

  • Vince: "I've never been so drunk in a restaurant before"

  • Justin: "Cactus Blossom!"

  • Chris: "Sandy will be very disappointed"

  • Rob: "I can't believe you fit in that shopping cart"

  • Chris: "Hit me"

  • Vince: "I won 5 bucks!"

  • Rob: "I won 50 bucks!"

  • Chris: "Lost $45"

  • Justin: "25"

  • Chris: "The guy could've given me 1's and I wouldn't have known"

  • Girl: "If I buy your friends shots, will they drink it?"

  • Vince: "I somehow got a married woman to buy us like a dozen shots"

  • "What's in a Chuck Norris shot?"

  • Chris: "She made me do it!"

  • Vince: "Are you on facebook?"

  • Mr Clean: "I'll show you a picture"

  • Rob: "Sleep on your back"

  • Vince: "The bathroom door was locked, I don't know how you got in"

  • Chris: "I really had to get in"

  • Vince: "I was half naked going into the shower"

  • Rob: "Transformers is the best movie ever!"

  • Chris: "My heart hurts"

  • Rob: "Too bad all the women we met were married or engaged"

  • Vince: "I've slept with the bride and the groom"

  • Justin: "With copious amounts of alcohol, you all turn gay"

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Losing my Winnipegness

I'm back in Winnipeg for the next week and a half for Chris's wedding, as well as to visit family, friends, and pets. I discovered that I'm losing my Winnipegness. I asked Jill whether she was getting Internet for her new home from Rogers or Bell. First, she pointed out her allegiance to MTS, which is the telephone company that provides DSL service in Manitoba, not Bell. Not sure how I missed that considering that I worked for them back in 2nd year (well, Bell and MTS have affiliations). Second, Shaw provides cable service in Manitoba, not Rogers. I would've fared better if I had said Videon :p. Jill said that I was "sooo eastern now". I've been in Toronto too long...

Things in Winnipeg are the same as always. Mittens hasn't fully warmed up to me yet. It usually takes a day for her to re-accustom herself with me, and then she is glued to my bed.

Going to Grand Forks tomorrow for the stag. My schedule's pretty free otherwise, especially during the day since I'm a bum and other people have "work". Let me know when you're free and we'll meet up.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Transformers the Movie

Of course, I had to wear my Transformers t-shirt to watch the movie :). I had to resist the temptation to wear my Transformers wristbands.

I watched Transformers today! When I first heard that it was going to be a live action movie, I was a bit hesitant, but I knew that I would watch it (and love it) regardless. It was awesome! It was actually quite well done. It wasn't just a crappy movie using the characters to boost the movie, the writing was actually rather clever and funny and the acting was actually good! They even managed to stay away from cheesy lines, like "more than meets the eye", well, of course they used the line, but it was a slight variation of it and it was as a joke. They had all the lines they needed to have ("Autobots, roll out!", "Decepticons, attack!", etc.), but didn't overuse them and didn't use them in a cheesy manner. The special effects was pretty awesome and the transformations were amazing! I missed the transformation sound from the cartoon though. I also missed the Transformers song. The voices of the Transformers didn't sit very well with me. While Optimus Prime had the same person do the voice as in the cartoons, I'm not sure if it's the 20 years of aging or the fact that they made the voice more mechanical, but it didn't quite sound right. Same with the others. The worst was Starscream in that he didn't have the same whiny voice as in the cartoon. The Transformers cast was pretty small. I was hoping to see the Dinobots and the Constructicons, and have them combine and transform into the big giant robots :). The amount of product placement was kinda annoying.... *cough* GMC

The story itself was alright. It was a bit of a departure from the cartoons (where the Decepticons went to Earth to mine it for energon). The beginning had a lot of development and background stuff and was a little slow and then the end was a little fast and predictable. It can't compete, storyline wise, with the original Transformers movie from 1986. Spoiler alert!!!!......... (Optimus Prime dies!! Of course, he comes back in a later episode)

The movie's a good watch and if you're a fan, you obviously have to go watch it! The theatre was packed and there was a lengthy line-up outside for the next showing, so the movie is doing well. I wonder if this will initiate a series of other movies based on TV shows of the past. I want to see a Thundercats movie!!!

Whoa, I just looked up the Thundercats Wikipedia page and it says that there's a a CGI-animated Thundercats movie in the making!!!!!

Canada Day 9-Man Tournament Day 2

Playoffs: Warriors vs Phoenix A

Men's finals: Connex "B" vs Phoenix A

Various clips of the Warriorettes

More Pictures

The tournament ended on Sunday, but I have been too lazy to upload the pics and videos and write about it until now. Most of my pics are of the girl's team b/c it's difficult to take pictures while playing :p

The guys didn't play as well the second day. We couldn't get fired up during the first game and had to split sets, when we should've taken both. We finished 8 out of 12, which just qualified us for the championship playoffs (instead of the consolation playoffs). The way that the rankings were done were kinda strange since it only counted the 2nd round robin after the re-pooling and was based first on the number of sets won, and then the point spread. I feel that we could beat teams that were ranked higher than us. For instance, we beat Outtahand the day before and they were ranked 4th. I think they had an easier pool than we did. Anyways, being 8th, that meant we had to play the 1st place team, which was Phoenix A and we didn't fare too well. They're a good, seasoned team. It was single elimination, which meant that we were out.

The finals was Connex "B" vs Phoenix A. I say "B" b/c it was really a mix between their A and B team. Note the numbers of the Connex players in the picture at the top: 4, 4, 8, 2, 2. There are duplicates b/c there are players from both the A and B teams playing. The backcourt had A players as well. Connex won. Yes, the same team that we almost took a game off. Not bad for a new team :)

For the guys, we felt that we did pretty good overall in the tournament. It was a good learning experience for the team, we managed to beat some seasoned teams, and made it into the playoffs, not bad for a new team. There are things we need to work on and playing real games helped show us what we need to focus on and watching 9-man games shows us what we should be doing. I'm confident that with our hard work and consistent practices, we'll be in good shape for the big tournament in San Francisco! Here's my list of things that I personally want to concentrate on:
  1. Pass more with my hands. I'm doing more than I used to, but could be doing more.

  2. Serve more accurately, more difficult, more consistent, and adjust better to wind conditions.

  3. Stay fired up backcourt and really dive for the ball (yes, diving on concrete). Need to learn how to roll better as well.

  4. Learn to read the hitters through the 3 sets of hands blocking my view. I noticed that the players on other teams were better readers than I am and were in the right position at the right time.

The girls did really well in the tournament! They went into the playoffs in first place! They basically rolled over anyone in their path after their first game of the tournament. Unfortunately, they lost to Connex B in the semi's, a team that they had beaten in the round robin earlier that day. The finals was Connex B vs Phoenix A, coincidentally, the same as on the men's side :), except that Phoenix won.

The club is off to a good start and things are only going to go up from here!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Canada Day 9-Man Tournament Day 1

Toronto Warriors temporary tattoo using a permanent marker

Transformers elbow pads! (well, wristbands...)

Our camp site

Warriorettes playing on concrete (no pics of the men's b/c I'm playing :p)

Today was my first 9-man volleyball tournament! It was the annual Canada Day tournament. It was a blast! Good volleyball and good times. My hands are a bit scraped up from diving on concrete, but no serious injuries.

For a team of guys that just formed a team this year where 9 out of the 14 guys have never played 9-man before, we did pretty good. We went in as a bit of a wildcard in that we didn't know how well we'd play and if we'd get our act together, but we exceeded our expectations and shown that we can play with some good teams. We almost beat Connex (which was mostly their B team, but with some A players), which is one of the top teams in North America. In the second set, we were up 19-16 and then finished the game 27-25 (games to 21, win by 2 points) and we had a couple game point chances. We also split with Outtahand and Phoenix B, which are both seasoned teams, and beat Ngun Lam II in straight sets. We have definitely been practicing much longer than any other team this year (since Februrary), which we had to do for the men's team so that we could learn how to play 9-man :p. It definitely paid off today and we'll only get better as we get over the jitters, work out the kinks, and learn how to really play 9-man, and not play like a 6's player :)

The girl's team did really well as well. They took a set off of Phoenix A in their first game and then went undefeated for the rest of the day! The club as a whole was really doing well and was making a splash for the club's inaugural year!

The coach has a tattoo of the Warriors logo on his left shoulder, so to toy with him, I drew the logo on my left shoulder with a permanent marker to act as a temporary tattoo :). I printed out the logo on a transparency and using an exacto knife, I made a cut-out that I could then tape to my shoulder and colour in with my right hand :). It ended up looking pretty cool actually, but left a tan :p. There were some other bad tans too, like from taping up hands and fingers:

Helen and Donny's tape tans

Tattoo tan

I was also wearing my Transformer elbow pads, which are actually wristbands, but my arms are small enough and they are stretchy enough for me to use as elbow pads. They definitely helped prevent some scratches on my elbows during some dives and rolls. One guy even came up to ask me where I got them (online) :)

Anyways, tomorrow's the second, and last, day of the tournament, so I gotta rest up!
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