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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The greatest video of all time

What is perhaps the greatest video ever made, at least starring yours truly, is now on Google video!

Click here for the video







Rob said...

sweet. yeah, that was a pretty good time, justin did an awesome job putting that together.

I never did find that ball I hit over the highway...

Vince said...

ya, Justin did an amazing job. I guess this is why we need people with arts degrees :). Also, the music choice was perfect :)

Did anyone keep the score card? Because that's a complete entertainment piece on its own ;)

Rob said...

no.. i think it was conveniently "lost" shortly after the game

Princess Sarah said...

oh is this something i should watch?

Vince said...

well, it's up to you, but I can't see why anyone would give up the chance to watch a stolen home made porno

Princess Sarah said...

think i'll pass

Anita Lloyd said...

Nice video Vincent. Was that this past summer?

Vince said...

The video was actually from 2003. I can guarantee you that my golf game has not improved since ;)

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