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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bloggin' from California!

California Baby!!! I'm in my place in Palo Alto that I'm renting out. I couldn't ask for anything more. Everything's great! My roommate's really nice and I almost feel like I'm living in a hotel.

She was out when I got here, but left the spare key hidden in the drain pipe. The place was exactly like the pictures she sent and it's really nice. She furnished my room with a bed and two side tables and lamps. I got sheets, bedding, pillows, linens, and even a bathroom floor mat! Great that I didn't have to deal with all that! She has even offered me her old cell phone, which is still active b/c it was cheaper for her to get her new phone under a family plan.

I managed to pretty much unpack everything in like an hour :). That's a new record for me, considering that I usually just live out of a suitcase. There's tons of closet and cubby space. I think I need to go get some hangers.

Nothing much to complain about the trip here. The Gardiner (big highway) was closed, so the cab driver had to take side streets and then the 400 to get to the airport. Good thing I negotiated the fee beforehand. That's the best way to do it when getting a cab from downtown Toronto to the airport - flag down a cab (don't call one) and then haggle because cab drivers love driving people to the airport b/c they get quite a bit of money. At first he asked for $45, I said $35 (I've gotten $30 before, but usually at the Airport Express stop), he refused, but then accepted $40, which was a steal considering the price it would have been if it was on the meter (b/c of the highway closure).

I still managed to get to the airport an hour and fifteen early. Stupid 50 pound limit on the luggage. Fortunately, my bigger one was only 53 pounds and they let it slide without charging me. They didn't even weigh my "small" one. Customs was pretty smooth even with the whole J-1 visa stuff. The 5.5 hour flight went pretty smooth. I don't know what was going on on that flight though - the last 3 rows on both sides all had kids, it was like they were segregating parties travelling with kids or something. The bad part was that I was in the row just in front of them. Fortunately with my headphones on, their screaming wasn't too bad and I did manage to get some sleep.

The San Francisco airport is pretty big. They've got a nice monorail system going that transports you between the terminals, the train station, and the car rental place.

Nothing really exciting at the car rental place except that they were gonna charge me $75 to return the car to a different location, which is absurd considering that my 2 day car rental (I'm renting the monthly rental from a non-airport location for a better rate) only comes out to like $38. I said that they guy on the phone told me it was $25 (which he did), but I couldn't give a name. The guy was like fine and made it $25. I'll see if I can get this waived when I return it and then get the long term rental.

I got lost getting here - got onto the wrong direction of the highway. It turned out alright though because when backtracking, I found a McDonald's and grabbed some drive through. I was hungry as I hadn't eaten since the morning and the cheap ass airlines don't give out food anymore.

Alright, well it's 4:30 am Toronto time (1:30 here), so I'm pretty tired. Not too sure what

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm blowing this popsicle stand

Flight in just over 12 hours. Pretty much packed. Not bad for only having started this evening :)

Next time you hear from me, I'll be blogging from my 5th different location. If you can correctly tell me all the places that I've blogged in, I'll give you a prize.

Oh, and if you have a good thesis topic (b/c apparently I don't have one), I'll give you an even bigger prize.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Great, this is just what my knee needed

Fire alarm at 11-something pm. Had played a couple hours of volleyball earlier in the evening. My left knee was really bothering me.

Walking down and then back up 24 flights of stairs did not help my knee. There were a lot of cats downstairs. Well, at least I haven't showered yet and I can cleanse myself of both in one shot.

Great, and the fire alarm is back on. I'll just go into the shower and I should be safe.

It's all good now

Tony and I resolved some outstanding rental issues and signed a new agreement. We came to a sensible solution that is fair to both parties and did so in a calm and mature manner.

Only one broken nose, one set of broken glasses, a dislocated shoulder, two broken windows, 1.5 holes in the wall, a broken chair, a fractured femer, a broken wrist, and one bullet wound. Oh and we killed at least a tree's worth of paper. All in all, one of our best discussions!

TD Canada Trust really wanted to give me a credit card

Signed up for a TD Canada Trust Gold Select Visa card last weekend. Got it by expresspost (Canada Post) today! 7 business days to check my credit, authorize me for the card, print it, and send it to me! That is crazy!!!! They've asked me a couple times now if I wanted a credit card, but I always declined b/c I didn't need another card.

But, I needed to get another gold card for car rental insurance purposes (credit card only covers 48 days max. and you can't renew the lease to extend the insurance). I saw that TD was offering a gold card for no annual fee and that they'd get it to me in like 5 - 7 business days, which was perfect for my situation and it came right in time :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Chris and Happy Birthday Blog!

Chris, you share this very special day with my blog! Happy 2nd birthday blog!

But Chris, while you're pretty much over the hill and ready to kick the bucket (yes, you're that much older than me), this blog is still youthful and vibrant.

Let's reverse the clock two years and see my very first post. It was very exciting!

I should thank Jill for notifying me of the pending birthday of my blog. She suggested that I do a timeline of sorts, but I'm too lazy. Maybe next year.

While this blog is officially 2 years old, I don't consider it to be that way, as it went through a huge shift in focus in October 2005, morphing from Matlab rules! to Found the missing condom!!!

All the best wishes to you on this very special day of yours and I wish you happiness and fulfillment over this next year! (this was to my blog, not you Chris, but if you really want, we can pretend that I meant it for you)

Torrent racing

This is the hottest game to sweep the Internet since Googling people.

Here's how to play:
  1. You and at least one friend download the same torrent file (eg. the episode of 24 that just aired 40 min. ago)

  2. Run the torrent in your program of choice at the same time

  3. Make bets and see who wins!

11:01:50 PM Justin: 31.8%
11:02:01 PM Vincent: 21.5%
11:09:46 PM Justin: 238.4k/s!
11:09:53 PM Vincent: whoa
11:09:59 PM Vincent: i'm *only* at 100
11:10:04 PM Vincent: 30.5%
11:10:47 PM Justin: I could have this in 15 minutes
11:11:01 PM Vincent: nice
11:11:10 PM Vincent: i've given up on being able to watch this tonight
11:14:57 PM Vincent: whoa 250k/s!
11:15:26 PM Justin: 9m17s left
11:15:28 PM Vincent: 300!
11:15:40 PM Vincent: 12m left
11:15:59 PM Vincent: go! go! go!
11:16:07 PM Justin: damn. It's a race now!

Even though Justin started 30s ahead, I beat him by just over a minute! He took a substantial early lead, but I pulled through from behind!

Until next week! Same time, different place (Vancouver and San Francisco as opposed to Winnipeg and Toronto).

In other racing news...

I raced a tram (streetcar) down Bathurst from Harbord to Adelaide (~3 subway stops, well, 1.88 km to be exact) on my way to some volleyball. Despite all the traffic on the sidewalks, I pulled through on this one by about half a block. I only had to push 2 people onto the tracks to slow the tram down and run one red to pull it off. I still attest that rollerblading is the fastest mode of transportation in downtown.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring cleaning

Very productive day. Finally put away all my papers and documents from Microsoft. Filed away all my mail and old course notes. Yeah for file folders! Cleaned up some loose ends on some things that have been neglected for some time. With all this out of the way, I am now mentally and physically prepared to begin packing!

T minus 5 days!

I need another hit!

C'mon, just one more episode!

Over the past, I donno, couple of days, I've caught up in 24. All 18 episodes so far this season. I was so used to having the ability to just double click the next episode if I couldn't handle the cliffhanger, now I'm left having to wait for the next episode to come out like all the other chumps out there! This sucks.... I should've waited another few weeks before starting to watch.

I guess I'll just have to entertain myself with this:
Sesame Street video clips

This helped me out in my time of need when working on my thesis proposal. These video clips are the epitome of old school! And, you may actually learn something while reminicising!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Polyphasic sleep in practice

Just finished my thesis proposal! A beast of a thing at 25 pages. I also literally have this mound of papers on my bed. Actually it's in several piles because it's structurally unstable as one pile.

I haven't really slept for the past 45 hours (proposal was supposedly due last Friday, but I delayed it to this previous Friday, but I didn't finish in time, but hey it's grad school, all deadlines are soft deadlines). I've taken 3 naps (the last one was unintentional). The first two were about 45 min. each and lasted me 40+ hours. This last one, I just closed my eyes for what I swear was a second and then I woke up 2 hours later. Fortunately I managed to wake up! It probably didn't help that I was laying in bed when this happened. I was actually surprisingly awake during this whole ordeal. Usually after pulling an all nighter (let alone two), I crash and burn like crazy. But I have been in a very low energy state, just sitting on this damn chair or occasionally rolling onto my bed to do work. On the otherhand, maybe this polyphasic sleep stuff actually works....

Anyways, it's time for bed! I'm not setting my alarm clock, so don't expect me to be up for a while.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Volleyball 1, Office 0

Number of hours in the office this week: 2.5

Number of hours on the volleyball court: 6.5

Volleyball wins this week :). Even more so if you count the 4 hours of beach on Saturday.

On another note, this is my 28th post! Someone add another bit to my post counter!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

13.65 km of rollerblading later...

Number markers indicate number of kilometres travelled.
From Google Pedometer

  • Home
    Where everything begins

  • Optometrist
    Prescription didn't change much, but needed to do it b4 I am no longer covered under my parents' health insurance plan.

  • Running Room
    Picked up a Knee Pro-Tec Patellar Tendon Strap because my left knee has been hurting a little bit during volleyball since I went snowboarding in Seattle. It hurt quite a bit during and after beach on Saturday, but then on Sunday it felt great. I guess sand really is therapeutic

  • Home
    Ate left-over tacos I made from the night before and did no work...

  • Volleyball
    Seriously on the diagonally opposite side of downtown. Pretty good ball and a lot of familiar faces. I haven't been there for like a year and a half! The knee strap seemed to do the trick. I wore it under my kneepad. My knee didn't hurt while playing and there's only a little pain if I push on the tendon below the knee cap. I should really rest to fully heal, but at least if I'm going to play, the knee strap seems to help.

  • Hot House
    Post-volleyball food (as opposed to drinking) is mandatory with this crowd (Donny, Christina, Abbey, Patrice, Tim). We went up-scale this time instead of the regular Timmy's and Wendy's.

  • Office
    Made sign for the delivery guys to deliver to one of the secretaries if no one was there (I'm having my power supply replacement for my home computer shipped to my office at school instead of my apartment.... stupid FedEx)

  • Home Sweet Home
    Currently blogging in my underwear (I'm hot after I shower...)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nerds Make Better Lovers

Need I say more?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Beach volleyball... in mid-April!

Middle of April and I already hit the beach! That is awesome! Yay global warming!

Amazing day too! Sun was shining, weather was warm (like 17), sand was cool, not cold, and decently dry - slightly damp, which is actually good because then there's less dust.

It was like a perfect day aside from the wind (a little strong) and bugs. Why are there bugs out? Weren't they supposed to die off over the winter? Well, they weren't the biting kind, just kinda annoying, and they went away in the afternoon.

Any warmer and it would've been pretty hot when playing volleyball, so it was actually great the temperature that it was. I was really skeptical about hitting the beach today. Yesterday was like cold, rainy, and miserable. I was like, shit, tomorrow's definitely off and if not, it's gonna suck. But I guess it dried off pretty quick and warmed up real fast and it was amazing! I have never seen Ashbridge's so bare before. Only like 4 or 5 nets up (when usually there's like 90+). Some people were actually there for the beach too. Amazing day, just guess most people didn't figure that it'd be a good day to hit the beach because it's friggin' the middle of April!

I'm so ready for California now :)

Negative Tax Rebate!

I owe the government $2,500+ :s

I guess that's a good thing actually. Getting a tax rebate means that the government ripped you off all year long and now is apologizing by giving you your money back... without interest. So, those of your celebrating a tax rebate, you're celebrating the fact that the government is ripping you off! Congrats!

In my case, I didn't pay ANY taxes this year. Now I have to pay it, but at least I earned interest on that money in the meantime. 4% interest on $2,500 is $100!

I didn't pay any taxes on my scholarship, research assistant pay, or interest earned on savings. I paid minimal taxes (compared to Canadian tax rates) at Microsoft, none of that to the Canadian Government. I was technically only enrolled in one semester of school this year, so I get less tax credit for tuition. But then I get tax credits for RRSP, relocation (to Seattle), housing costs (in Seattle and Toronto), and donations. So, when you look at it from the perspective that I didn't pay taxes all year (ok, some to the US, but I think I get that back...), $2,500 in taxes for the whole year isn't bad at all, actually it ends up being like less than the GST rate, which is pretty damn good for income tax. Plus I didn't have to pay for EI or CPP.

Google Calendar

Ya, I know I'm slow about blogging about it. In short, it's pretty good and if you don't have a Mac, it's probably the best thing you'll find in terms of electronic calendars. Support for multiple calendars, nice interface, interoperability with other programs (you can do round-about ways of getting your calendar on your pda or iPod), sharing calendars, viewable and editable (not edible) from any computer on the Internet, electronic invites, reminders, the list goes on.

I started using Apple's iCal calendar program about a year and a half ago and now I can't live without it. It's absolutely crucial for keeping track of all my meetings, deadlines, social activities, birthdays, daylight savings, etc. You just have to add things as they come up and then it's not much maintenance. Plus, it serves as a record of my life. Like an abbreviated journal - where I was, what I did, etc.

I imported all my calendars from iCal like early on the 13th. Pretty easy process because Google Calendar uses the open calendar standard (ics files). The only hiccup is repeating events and exceptions to repeating events which iCal and Google Calendar handle slightly differently (b/c it doesn't look right in Google) and Google Calendar doesn't do time zones as well as iCal.

Google Calendar is basically a rip-off of iCal. The look of it is very similar. It does a pretty good job on the interface. I love iCal and I think it does the job very well. My only beef is that I can only update my calendar from my laptop and viewing it online is a bit of a hassle (I eventually managed to do it with spymac, which won't be updated anymore if I stick with Google Calendar) and sharing and collaborative calendars are not possible. Google Calendar is great in this respect - editing and viewing from any computer on the Internet, sharing calendars, reminders through e-mail (I don't use Apple's mail program), and the ability to invite people (say goodbye to stupid Evite).

If you want offline access to your calendar (only for viewing when not connected to the Internet, you cannot update it when you're offline), you can subscribe to the private or public webdav calendar link in iCal (or Sunbird for Windows and Linux). The private link is really nice. It uses a hash to make it nearly impossible for anyone to find your calendar unless you tell them about it and if they do, you can just get a new hash and the old link will be dead.

So, go to it. Get organized.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Confused. Disoriented.

2 am. Just woke up. No idea what's going on. I took a nap at 9 with the intention of waking up at 10. That obviously didn't happen. I set my alarm clock to turn the radio on quietly at 10. Now, I didn't expect to wake up at 10, but the quiet radio should have eventually woke me up when I was in a light sleep stage, but I guess that I missed the first sleep cycle and then eventually the alarm clock just turned itself off :s.

Now I'm not sure what to do. Sleep? Work? I have tons to do. Stupid thesis proposal... Pile of papers on my desk is causing it to bend (also a function of the cheap IKEA table). I'm gonna shower to wake myself up and then work. It'll be one of those go to bed in the morning, wake up in the morning things, assuming that I wake up.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oh right, Mark from Canada! He's dead...

Brother of friend in Toronto who works at NVIDIA in Silicon Valley:
Do you know "Vincent Cheung"?

Umm... yes, why do you ask?

Oh, b/c my boss is looking to hire him and he is a phd student from Toronto and I noticed that one of his interests is volleyball.

So the only reason you asked me was b/c he played volleyball?!!??!!?

Yes, and it worked!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


"I'm better than you, and now you know it"

S-Dance, the Engineering Athletics Association's awards banquet, was tonight. Good times. Free pre-drinking at Sud's. Entertaining bus ride there (crazying singing Rugby players :p). Food was pretty good. Awards went well. Dancing, singing, and jumping was a blast :)

Would've been even more fun if everyone on the two teams showed up, but they all claimed illness, other plans, or too much work. Wusses.

Friday, April 07, 2006

(Updated) How can a delivery company not know how to deliver?!!?!?


The tracking page said an estimated delivery of 10:30 am. Important package. My J-1 visa stuff. I've been up since 9:00 am sitting by the phone, with less than 4 hours of sleep, bedroom door open, waiting, no music, complete silence. I even took the precaution of putting a sign on my door - "FedEx: Please knock loudly" b/c they don't know how to knock.

But no. Nothing. Nadda. No buzz. No phone call. No knock. Check the webpage. "10:09 am - Delivery exception, Customer not available or business closed". WTF???? I WAS IN MY APARTMENT AND AWAKE!!! WAITING!


What is the point of doing an express delivery when they don't deliver it? I'd much rather have it be sent by Canada Post. At least then I can go pick it up at my leisure at the nearby Shopper's, not f*ckin' on the other side of town between 8 PM and 10 PM. WOW!!! You gave me a whole TWO hours to pick it up. And I don't have time to sit around and wait for them to try and redelivery and just sit here waiting day after day. Waste of a whole day basically.

I called and complained and asked that my package be redelivered today and I also gave them my buzzer code and phone number. I later went downstairs to check and they did leave me one of those stupid "Sorry we missed you when we tried to deliver". Umm.. no, I was here. I'm the only Cheung on the directory! BUZZ ME!!! HOW ELSE DO YOU THINK YOU'LL DELIVER THE PACKAGE??? OR, JUST COME UP AND KNOCK ON THE DOOR!!! IT'S CALLED DELIVERING THE PACKAGE, NOT DRIVING AROUND TOWN LEAVING MESSAGES ON PEOPLES' DOORS!!!!

My mom wanted to fedex me my driver's license renewal. I was like NO! DO NOT FEDEX IT TO ME! I WILL NOT GET IT IF YOU SEND IT BY FEDEX! SEND IT BY CANADA POST! She did and while I wasn't home, I was able to pick it up at Shopper's on a SATURDAY! That's right. CANADA POST IS EVEN OPEN ON THE WEEKEND!

I guess my apartment is partially to blame b/c there's no security at the front door to which to leave packages, which is annoying. But regardless, any half-assed attempt at delivery would have the package in my hands right now.

Hopefully they redeliver today. I'm gonna go back to bed. Sleep for a bit more. Just my luck they'll probably try and redeliver while I'm sleeping. F*ckin' FedEx, that company needs to be put out of business. I just don't understand how they only do one single thing and they're completely incompetent at doing it.

Update (5 min. later): Got my package! Didn't buzz me, just gave a very assertive knock :). Maybe FedEx isn't the worst company in the world afterall, but it still isn't my preferred method of delivery.

Update (10 min. later): Another package! This time from my beloved Canada Post :D. They got it right the first time. I didn't have to call them to have them redeliver. No worries with Canada Post! It's my new high speed ulta dsl package. Basically faster internet connection for no additional cost. It was really fast too! I only ordered it like 2 days ago and they were telling me that I wouldn't get it until like the 11th (or maybe that's when my service is supposed to be changed over). Regardless, I got the package fast, efficiently, and without hassle, unlike some delivery companies. Plus, the delivery guy was nice and friendly.

Found a place to live in California!!!

My new home!

Started house hunting Monday evening and went through N., C.L., S.D., 40 year old in 2001 claiming to be 28, and more (I have abbreviated the nicknames I made up for the people I interacted with to protect their identity and my ass since I gave all of them this blog address), and I secured the perfect place today! Just hours ago!

The place is amazing! Spacious! Really nice! Clean! Furnished! Well priced! Great location! Amazing roommate! I would not be able to get something nearly as nice for the same price if I was to get my own place.

I found the place on Craig's List. I consider myself very lucky for finding and getting this place. I responded to more than 25 listings on Tuesday and Wednesday. I included my webpage and blog in my replies, which I think helped me a lot because between the two, most of myself is laid out right in front of you. This is particularly important considering that I'm not able to see the place for myself or meet potential roommates in person. I figure that I have nothing to hide and people will find out anyways, so might as well just be frank about it. My webpage shows off my professional side (all that time spent redesigning my webpage paid off!) and that I'm responsible and successful (can pay the bills), etc. My blog shows my personal side and that I'm not some weirdo or hermit allergic to light and completely anti-social. Ok, I might be weird, but in a good way, at least that's how I like to think of it :)

The other good source to find information about and pictures of me is facebook. All you U of M'ers out there, sign up so I have more people from Manitoba on there!

Sarah told me that if I tell girls down in Silicon Valley that I'm an intern at Google, I'm set. If this is the case, I already like the place! A whole culture that appreciates geeks and intelligence (ok, and maybe money and free food)? Who wouldda thunk? It does seem like everyone in Silicon Valley's really techie (umm, duh...). I found it strange that like all the postings listed "wireless internet", not just "internet". I think it's great (since I have PoBo), but I was surprised so many listings were so specific about it. But then again, these are postings on Craig's List and you've got to be at least a little geek to post there in the first place.

This post was delayed so much b/c I hit the pub to celebrate! Just joking. It was Sasha's last time at Thursday volleyball today because she's moving to Ottawa to take up a job with Health Canada next week. Sad to see her go. She's a good volleyball player and a great person.

I'm not tanked I swear. I'm sobering up quite nicely. Regardless, I don't think my writing has suffered. This week is turning into a major booze fest (and very likely a personal record). Tomorrow's S-Dance, which is U of T engineering lingo for drinking A LOT.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I hate looking for housing

I find looking for housing to be a very frustrating, time-consuming, and stressful process. Damn it Google, you do search, why can't you do a good job of searching for housing??!?!?!?!?? Hmmm... maybe I should bring that up while I'm over there...

Anyways, here are some good things I got going for me to offset the lack of a place in San Fran:

Submitted my 3rd paper this year!
Started drinking really early this week - in the pub at 3 pm on Monday!!! Brendan took Inmar, Delbert, and I to O'Grady's to celebrate our recent paper submissions. I did however, do intoxicated coding until 10 pm at school :p. Hey, I was being productive and I knew that if I stopped to go home, I wouldn't do any more work. Plus I wasn't hungry b/c of the pub food.

Only 50 billion more papers to write this year.

Found the missing condom!!!

I was SO happy that I found my missing condom! I found it maybe 2 weeks ago (been meaning to blog about it, just kept forgetting). I put a bunch of batteries into one of the pockets on the side of my backpack meant to hold water bottles so that I could bring the batteries to school and put them in the recycling thing. I go to take out the batteries and I'm like, what's this? Who put garbage in here??!?!?! What?... MY CONDOM!!!!!!

The reason I like it so much is because it keeps my umbrella neat when not in use and it's cleaner to put in the side pocket of my backpack and also in my suitcase.

Chicken Noodle Soup... from scratch!


I love chicken noodle soup, but not the shit from a can. I mean like the stuff you get in a restaurant. I figured, how hard could it be to make it from scratch? Plus, it should be pretty healthy. Well, the answer is: pretty easy and pretty healthy. My first shot was about 2 weeks ago and I made it again last weekend.

Basically I just throw in 3 chicken breasts, onions, carrots, celery, and a couple black peppercorns into say 4L of water. Cook for like 2+ hours. Cut/rip up the chicken in the pot itself so as to not lose any precious juice. Throw in the noodles and simmer until done.

I cheated the first time and threw in a bouillon cube, though I'm not sure if cheating is the right word b/c I'm not convinced that it made it taste better, just gave it a little more colouring.

The second time, I added in more of the Italian herbs (from a shaker thingy), olive oil (mentioned in most recipes, but I just didn't have it the first time), and potatoes (inspired by my favourite Korean dish). The potatoes were definitely a nice touch. I love that the soup is so hardy. It's totally a meal in itself. More chewing than sipping and I almost needed a fork.

My next goal is to make my own noodles, then it'll be completely from scratch!

On a side note, I think I broke my camera while snowboarding (or should I say, falling while snowboarding). When I look in the view finder, it's always zoomed in, even though the camera's not zoomed in. It takes pictures fine, I just don't know what I'm taking a picture of. When I use the LCD, it looks fine, the problem is that that sucks up a lot of battery life and I can't use that when the batteries are low. My camera is also a couple years old so it sucks up batteries (AAs) pretty bad and my rechargeables aren't very good. I was thinking of getting new rechargeable batteries, but they're a little pricey and I'm likely going to be getting the hand-me-down camera from my family sometime soon (i.e. before I make my money's worth with the new batteries). For now, I have an extra set of batteries that I can keep charging and most of my pictures are just around the house anyways. For longer trips, I can just buy the photo batteries. Anyways, expect worse quality pictures from now on. At least I can now blame my photography on my camera :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

If it wasn't for my computer, I'd be one hour behind

Hop onto my computer after watering and trimming Vinaverra and adding soil to support it and spending 2.5 hours cleaning my rollerblades and bearings and rotating the wheels.

3:45 am???? What??? I thought it was only 2:45 am!!!! Oh right.... Spring forward.... Stupid daylight savings...
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