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Friday, April 24, 2009

Right on Schedule

Happens every year. April 24th between 2:07pm and 2:12pm, the sun reflects off the ROM right through my window and into my eyes as I sit at my computer.

It's remarkable how accurate it all is. The accuracy of our calendar and clocks are remarkable and how steady the rotation of the Earth and its revolutions around the sun are pretty amazing when you think of it. Few things of what we understand as humans are this consistent.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

RIP Geocities

The plug has been pulled on Geocities.

I found the files for my old Geocities site on my computer and I uploaded it to my website:

I made that site back in 1997 and it's pretty hilarious!

Things I love about it:
  1. "You have come to the Best Web Page on the Internet. With great background music and hundreds of links to the best web pages throughout the World Wide Web, how can you go wrong?"

  2. MIDI background music! (You can even change the background music and there's a great selection of 90's music!)

  3. JavaScript pop-up on the homepage

  4. Frames!

  5. Ghetto logo

  6. Link and banner exchange galore

  7. Most of the links don't work anymore because the websites have been closed down

  8. The instructions for adding the site to your bookmarks and setting it to your homepage is for Netscape 3.0 and Windows 95

  9. "Page me by ICQ"

  10. Google is not listed under "Search Engines"

  11. Beakman's World in the TV section

  12. The website predates Starcraft as it's not listed under "Video and Computer Games"

  13. The selection of "Free 'Must-Have' Programs" is rather amusing

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dangerously close to summer

9-man volleyball practices started today. Afterwards, I went for lunch in Chinatown and walked around buying fruit off the street, Chinese buns, and bubble tea, all the while with the sun brimming in the sky. If only it wasn't so windy, making it a little chilly, it would've been so close to summer...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Smells like poop

I just found a dried up piece of cat poop on the floor in the middle of my room. That explains why my room smelled like poop a few days ago. It really smelled like poop and it was bad. At the time, I couldn't find the source and I didn't think it was Tiki because I know that she took a poop in the litter box that morning and it didn't smell the same. I thought maybe b/c it was windy that the bathroom vents were flowing the wrong way.

My worry now is that the poop I found was a broken off piece and I still don't know where the rest of it is. Also, how did it get to the middle of my room?...
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