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Friday, April 07, 2006

Found a place to live in California!!!

My new home!

Started house hunting Monday evening and went through N., C.L., S.D., 40 year old in 2001 claiming to be 28, and more (I have abbreviated the nicknames I made up for the people I interacted with to protect their identity and my ass since I gave all of them this blog address), and I secured the perfect place today! Just hours ago!

The place is amazing! Spacious! Really nice! Clean! Furnished! Well priced! Great location! Amazing roommate! I would not be able to get something nearly as nice for the same price if I was to get my own place.

I found the place on Craig's List. I consider myself very lucky for finding and getting this place. I responded to more than 25 listings on Tuesday and Wednesday. I included my webpage and blog in my replies, which I think helped me a lot because between the two, most of myself is laid out right in front of you. This is particularly important considering that I'm not able to see the place for myself or meet potential roommates in person. I figure that I have nothing to hide and people will find out anyways, so might as well just be frank about it. My webpage shows off my professional side (all that time spent redesigning my webpage paid off!) and that I'm responsible and successful (can pay the bills), etc. My blog shows my personal side and that I'm not some weirdo or hermit allergic to light and completely anti-social. Ok, I might be weird, but in a good way, at least that's how I like to think of it :)

The other good source to find information about and pictures of me is facebook. All you U of M'ers out there, sign up so I have more people from Manitoba on there!

Sarah told me that if I tell girls down in Silicon Valley that I'm an intern at Google, I'm set. If this is the case, I already like the place! A whole culture that appreciates geeks and intelligence (ok, and maybe money and free food)? Who wouldda thunk? It does seem like everyone in Silicon Valley's really techie (umm, duh...). I found it strange that like all the postings listed "wireless internet", not just "internet". I think it's great (since I have PoBo), but I was surprised so many listings were so specific about it. But then again, these are postings on Craig's List and you've got to be at least a little geek to post there in the first place.

This post was delayed so much b/c I hit the pub to celebrate! Just joking. It was Sasha's last time at Thursday volleyball today because she's moving to Ottawa to take up a job with Health Canada next week. Sad to see her go. She's a good volleyball player and a great person.

I'm not tanked I swear. I'm sobering up quite nicely. Regardless, I don't think my writing has suffered. This week is turning into a major booze fest (and very likely a personal record). Tomorrow's S-Dance, which is U of T engineering lingo for drinking A LOT.


Bob said...

Awesome place! Is that the one you were telling me about??

Vince said...

Yes it is!

Sarah said...

is it the one with the costume parties? (A)

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