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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Beach volleyball... in mid-April!

Middle of April and I already hit the beach! That is awesome! Yay global warming!

Amazing day too! Sun was shining, weather was warm (like 17), sand was cool, not cold, and decently dry - slightly damp, which is actually good because then there's less dust.

It was like a perfect day aside from the wind (a little strong) and bugs. Why are there bugs out? Weren't they supposed to die off over the winter? Well, they weren't the biting kind, just kinda annoying, and they went away in the afternoon.

Any warmer and it would've been pretty hot when playing volleyball, so it was actually great the temperature that it was. I was really skeptical about hitting the beach today. Yesterday was like cold, rainy, and miserable. I was like, shit, tomorrow's definitely off and if not, it's gonna suck. But I guess it dried off pretty quick and warmed up real fast and it was amazing! I have never seen Ashbridge's so bare before. Only like 4 or 5 nets up (when usually there's like 90+). Some people were actually there for the beach too. Amazing day, just guess most people didn't figure that it'd be a good day to hit the beach because it's friggin' the middle of April!

I'm so ready for California now :)


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