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Friday, April 07, 2006

(Updated) How can a delivery company not know how to deliver?!!?!?


The tracking page said an estimated delivery of 10:30 am. Important package. My J-1 visa stuff. I've been up since 9:00 am sitting by the phone, with less than 4 hours of sleep, bedroom door open, waiting, no music, complete silence. I even took the precaution of putting a sign on my door - "FedEx: Please knock loudly" b/c they don't know how to knock.

But no. Nothing. Nadda. No buzz. No phone call. No knock. Check the webpage. "10:09 am - Delivery exception, Customer not available or business closed". WTF???? I WAS IN MY APARTMENT AND AWAKE!!! WAITING!


What is the point of doing an express delivery when they don't deliver it? I'd much rather have it be sent by Canada Post. At least then I can go pick it up at my leisure at the nearby Shopper's, not f*ckin' on the other side of town between 8 PM and 10 PM. WOW!!! You gave me a whole TWO hours to pick it up. And I don't have time to sit around and wait for them to try and redelivery and just sit here waiting day after day. Waste of a whole day basically.

I called and complained and asked that my package be redelivered today and I also gave them my buzzer code and phone number. I later went downstairs to check and they did leave me one of those stupid "Sorry we missed you when we tried to deliver". Umm.. no, I was here. I'm the only Cheung on the directory! BUZZ ME!!! HOW ELSE DO YOU THINK YOU'LL DELIVER THE PACKAGE??? OR, JUST COME UP AND KNOCK ON THE DOOR!!! IT'S CALLED DELIVERING THE PACKAGE, NOT DRIVING AROUND TOWN LEAVING MESSAGES ON PEOPLES' DOORS!!!!

My mom wanted to fedex me my driver's license renewal. I was like NO! DO NOT FEDEX IT TO ME! I WILL NOT GET IT IF YOU SEND IT BY FEDEX! SEND IT BY CANADA POST! She did and while I wasn't home, I was able to pick it up at Shopper's on a SATURDAY! That's right. CANADA POST IS EVEN OPEN ON THE WEEKEND!

I guess my apartment is partially to blame b/c there's no security at the front door to which to leave packages, which is annoying. But regardless, any half-assed attempt at delivery would have the package in my hands right now.

Hopefully they redeliver today. I'm gonna go back to bed. Sleep for a bit more. Just my luck they'll probably try and redeliver while I'm sleeping. F*ckin' FedEx, that company needs to be put out of business. I just don't understand how they only do one single thing and they're completely incompetent at doing it.

Update (5 min. later): Got my package! Didn't buzz me, just gave a very assertive knock :). Maybe FedEx isn't the worst company in the world afterall, but it still isn't my preferred method of delivery.

Update (10 min. later): Another package! This time from my beloved Canada Post :D. They got it right the first time. I didn't have to call them to have them redeliver. No worries with Canada Post! It's my new high speed ulta dsl package. Basically faster internet connection for no additional cost. It was really fast too! I only ordered it like 2 days ago and they were telling me that I wouldn't get it until like the 11th (or maybe that's when my service is supposed to be changed over). Regardless, I got the package fast, efficiently, and without hassle, unlike some delivery companies. Plus, the delivery guy was nice and friendly.


Kevin said...

Yo, how are you scoring ultra service at regular high speed price?

Vince said...

Whoa! You commented on my blog!!!!

Well, I'm paying $44.95/month for regular high speed dsl. They keep calling me telling me that I could get ultra for $50. I checked the webpage as they called me this last time and I was like, hey, the webpage says I can get it for $45/month for the first year. The guy said that was a deal for new subscribers, but that he'd give that deal to me. So basically I'm getting ultra for no additional price, at least for the first year. The guy also said (not sure how much truth there was in what he said) that regular high speed was increasing to $48 and that ultra might be boosting it's speed to 10 Mbps in a couple months at no additional costs to be more competitive.

So far, no difference in speed. The webpage actually says that both high speed and ultra should be 5 Mbps, but I never got 5 Mbps before, but maybe it was my modem or they just didn't switch me over. I'm not sure if ultra is just "ultra" b/c the modem has a wireless router built in. In which case, it's useless to me b/c I already have a good wireless router. I'm still using my wireless router right now and using the new modem like I used the old one. Whatever, it doesn't cost me anymore (yet) and I should be getting a faster connection.

The guy on the phone said that my service should be switched over around the 11th, so we'll see then if my speed goes up.

Florence said...

10 Mbps? Sure...

Vince said...

I was downloading at 500 kb/s the other day, which is plenty fast enough for basically anything I need, but the upload speeds still blow (like 80 kb/s or something).

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