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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Torrent racing

This is the hottest game to sweep the Internet since Googling people.

Here's how to play:
  1. You and at least one friend download the same torrent file (eg. the episode of 24 that just aired 40 min. ago)

  2. Run the torrent in your program of choice at the same time

  3. Make bets and see who wins!

11:01:50 PM Justin: 31.8%
11:02:01 PM Vincent: 21.5%
11:09:46 PM Justin: 238.4k/s!
11:09:53 PM Vincent: whoa
11:09:59 PM Vincent: i'm *only* at 100
11:10:04 PM Vincent: 30.5%
11:10:47 PM Justin: I could have this in 15 minutes
11:11:01 PM Vincent: nice
11:11:10 PM Vincent: i've given up on being able to watch this tonight
11:14:57 PM Vincent: whoa 250k/s!
11:15:26 PM Justin: 9m17s left
11:15:28 PM Vincent: 300!
11:15:40 PM Vincent: 12m left
11:15:59 PM Vincent: go! go! go!
11:16:07 PM Justin: damn. It's a race now!

Even though Justin started 30s ahead, I beat him by just over a minute! He took a substantial early lead, but I pulled through from behind!

Until next week! Same time, different place (Vancouver and San Francisco as opposed to Winnipeg and Toronto).

In other racing news...

I raced a tram (streetcar) down Bathurst from Harbord to Adelaide (~3 subway stops, well, 1.88 km to be exact) on my way to some volleyball. Despite all the traffic on the sidewalks, I pulled through on this one by about half a block. I only had to push 2 people onto the tracks to slow the tram down and run one red to pull it off. I still attest that rollerblading is the fastest mode of transportation in downtown.


Rob said...

last time I was in Toronto some guy ran across the street right in front of a streetcar. The driver actually stopped the tram, got out, and started yelling at the guy. Right in the middle of the street! It was awesome!

herself said...

When I was in Toronto last summer I was following Vince somewhere and he lead me across the street and then we went back again and I had to cut infront of one of those bus things and the driver yelled at me. He didn't get out to do it though. I think transit people need more hugs.

Vince said...

What? I don't remember that! I don't know how comfortable I am with you painting a picture of me as some delinquent jaywalker.

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