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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

13.65 km of rollerblading later...

Number markers indicate number of kilometres travelled.
From Google Pedometer

  • Home
    Where everything begins

  • Optometrist
    Prescription didn't change much, but needed to do it b4 I am no longer covered under my parents' health insurance plan.

  • Running Room
    Picked up a Knee Pro-Tec Patellar Tendon Strap because my left knee has been hurting a little bit during volleyball since I went snowboarding in Seattle. It hurt quite a bit during and after beach on Saturday, but then on Sunday it felt great. I guess sand really is therapeutic

  • Home
    Ate left-over tacos I made from the night before and did no work...

  • Volleyball
    Seriously on the diagonally opposite side of downtown. Pretty good ball and a lot of familiar faces. I haven't been there for like a year and a half! The knee strap seemed to do the trick. I wore it under my kneepad. My knee didn't hurt while playing and there's only a little pain if I push on the tendon below the knee cap. I should really rest to fully heal, but at least if I'm going to play, the knee strap seems to help.

  • Hot House
    Post-volleyball food (as opposed to drinking) is mandatory with this crowd (Donny, Christina, Abbey, Patrice, Tim). We went up-scale this time instead of the regular Timmy's and Wendy's.

  • Office
    Made sign for the delivery guys to deliver to one of the secretaries if no one was there (I'm having my power supply replacement for my home computer shipped to my office at school instead of my apartment.... stupid FedEx)

  • Home Sweet Home
    Currently blogging in my underwear (I'm hot after I shower...)


Rob said...

mmm leftover tacos... wow.. you really love everything google now eh?

oh yeah.. and you could have left that last part out. I didn't need to know that.

Vince said...

Well, the Google Pedometer thing isn't a real Google product, it's a Google Maps mashup (someone used the Google Maps API to make it).

But ya, I use like all of Google's products.... except like Orkut, b/c no one's on that :p

Rob said...

Orkut??? what the hey is that??

Vince said...

I just sent you an invite.

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