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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Chris and Happy Birthday Blog!

Chris, you share this very special day with my blog! Happy 2nd birthday blog!

But Chris, while you're pretty much over the hill and ready to kick the bucket (yes, you're that much older than me), this blog is still youthful and vibrant.

Let's reverse the clock two years and see my very first post. It was very exciting!

I should thank Jill for notifying me of the pending birthday of my blog. She suggested that I do a timeline of sorts, but I'm too lazy. Maybe next year.

While this blog is officially 2 years old, I don't consider it to be that way, as it went through a huge shift in focus in October 2005, morphing from Matlab rules! to Found the missing condom!!!

All the best wishes to you on this very special day of yours and I wish you happiness and fulfillment over this next year! (this was to my blog, not you Chris, but if you really want, we can pretend that I meant it for you)


Jill aka Herself said...

I'm not sure on the correctness of using someone's blog to send some other person a birthday greeting but I'm here now, so Happy Birthday Chris! It's a special one too! Happy Champagne Birthday! Have a great day!

Vince said...

Oh right! It's your champagne birthday! Happy Champagne Birthday!

I've got 2 more to go... from all the people with birthdays on the same day, there'll be a lot of champagne that year...

Chris said...

Why thank you.

Someone actually gave me champagne this year. Apparently it's good quality.... Anyone know how to tell the difference?

Happy early Birthday Vince! (I will take the tact of Nusraat by wishing you a Happy Birthday when I remember, as opposed to possibly forgetting on the day)

I'm glad I share my birthday with such an important and high-profile information hub :) It makes this day all the better. Add to that the mounds of paper confetti on my desk at work, missing wheels on my chair, and other devious celebratory acts and this day couldn't get any better!

Vince said...

Well, if we're gonna play that game, Happy very early birthday Chris (in case I forget next year).

I wasn't planning on going into the office on my birthday, but I have a meeting :s

The best prevention for this kind of thing is to not let people in the office know when your birthday is.

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