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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nerds Make Better Lovers

Need I say more?


herself said...

Vince have you hired someone to post blogs for you while you're supposed to be working--because the Vince I know would never read or admit to reading a "social article" one might find on the pages of MSN...

Procrastination sure can make a person do strange things :P

Vince said...

Just for the record, I did not get this article off of MSN. I don't read garbage.

Jenika said...

the article's tone, solely from my own reading, was that nerds are unconventional lovers. that is such a cliche. everyone knows nerdy males have been getting all the girls for ages.
if the author really wanted to present something novel, what about changing that picture on top of the article to a nerdy "unattractive" (whatever Cosmo considers unattractive anyway) woman surrounded by "attractive" (whatever Cosmo tells me...) males and females.

Vince said...

Well, at least in pop culture, there's that movie, She's All That (it's not quite the right reference, but it's the best I can think of). It's just that the epitome of a nerd is a guy in glasses sitting in front of a computer in his parents' basement surrounded by comic books and action figures. I think it's pretty rare to see a girl as hardcore nerd as a guy can be (with respect to appearance, behaviour, etc.). Like, the girl really has to try hard to geek out, where as it can come very naturally for guys. And even if a girl is shy, awkward, and clumsy, it can be cute, whereas it's just sad when it's a guy. Also there's just many more guy nerds than girls and it's traditionally assumed that a guy nerd would have a harder time getting a girl than a girl nerd getting a guy (b/c there's plenty of guy nerds to go around and they'd all jump at the girl nerd). So it seems pretty natural to me that they'd focus on the guy being a nerd.

Whatever. Nerds rule! Actually, no. Well, it's ok to be a nerd, as long as that's not what defines you. All hail the nerd-jocks!

John said...

hmm, i dunno about msn articles, but this article is definitely also garbage
like all of these articles, there is no substance and its too removed from reality. "Don’t look for a hot, fun, no-strings-attached date in the library." uhh, right. the whole article is just too stereotypical to be any good

Vince said...

The funniest thing about all of this is that people are taking it seriously :)

Jenika said...

haha..yea, i guess guy nerds have it harder than girl nerds when you put it that way.

hmm, maybe i am taking this too seriously, but i just wanted to point out that guy nerds can always get girls cause a girl knows he'll grow up to be some bigshot, even if he's not appealing. i honestly think of that when i get to know guys, i'm ashamed to say.

but what about the unattractive girl nerd? and not the clumsy rachel leigh cook with glasses on, but a truly conventioanlly unattractive woman who embraces her nerdiness. will she find a partner? yes, if he likes her for who she is or he thinks she'll make it rich one day! but seriously, she has less chance than a guy nerd because guys judge on looks more. yea, that's a bold statement and i have no scientific evidence but, well, you know.

Vince said...

No need to fear for the unattractive girl nerd, as there are plenty of lonely unattractive guy nerds. She's got at least a 20-to-1 ratio :)

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