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Monday, July 19, 2004


Btw, I did get a Powerbook (12" G4 1.33 GHz with Superdrive). The education price was about $2150. Brendan's gonna reimburse me for it.

Nice machine. Wireless works nicely and got MS Office 2004, FireFox, Thunderbird, Azureus, and LaTeX running. A lot of the software I'm using is the same as on Windows. Even have Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac OS X to remotely access computers :)

The only thing I'm missing right now is Matlab. I'm waiting for Matlab 7 as it has just come out and I might as well put the newest on it. Plus, 6.5 doesn't support 10.3, you need 6.5.1 (sp1), which I don't have and I couldn't find it. I now have the Matlab 7 install files (on the network at school), but don't have a license yet...

Not sure if the Windows and Mac / Linux / Unix license are the same, otherwise, I could just use the one I use at home...


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