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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

OS X Address Book and iCal

Over the Christmas break, I converted my address book into the OS X address book, because 1, it's built-into OS X, 2, it's nice looking, 3, I figured it'd be easy to export it to other programs cuz Apple tends to stick to standards. It functions a lot better than the Palm software I was using. Too bad my palm pilot's battery life stinks and can't sync with PoBo (no serial cable), otherwise, I'd put my address book on it.

Sometime in like October, I started using iCal (built-in OS X calendar program) and it's great. Uses standardized calendar format as well. I also post my calendar online so I can view it anywhere and so can Helen. I've been quite diligent in keeping it updated. I like how I can have different categories (personal, research, school, birthdays, holidays). But it's dumb that it can't import the birthdays from the address book....


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