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Friday, December 12, 2008

Random observations

Actual flight path and door-to-door transportation as recorded by my GPS device
(This is just a screenshot b/c Google Maps couldn't handle that big of a file)

  • The taxi driver was giving me career advice. He thought that I should learn Mandarin.

  • Cabbie was talking to me in Cantonese. I hadn't heard that much Chinese for a long time.

  • It's still harrowing walking through the airport metal detector carrying a cat without a leash or anything.

  • Tiki didn't move or make a sound the entire flight. I don't think the woman on the aisle seat knew she was even there.

  • During the initial announcement, the flight attendant tried to make a reference to the commercial where the guy thinks he's on a flight to Hawaii, but is actually on a flight to Winnipeg and goes "...going to Winnipeg..." No one laughed.

  • When asked who was from Winnipeg, the entire flight went in an uproar. No one goes to Winnipeg at this time of the year unless they are from there.

  • The games on the Zune are actually pretty fun.

  • Upon arrival, the flight attendant neglected to notify us of the local time (one hour behind)

  • When it was announced that the current temperature in Winnipeg was -27, it wasn't a big deal or Earth shattering news.

  • While waiting for my luggage, I saw a woman drinking a slurpee. This is why Winnipeg is the slurpee capital of the world.

  • I miss the feeling of the cold fresh air in your lungs.

  • When driving here, if it's not a big road, you actually drive on top of snow since the roads aren't cleared right to the asphalt and salt doesn't work b/c it's too cold.

  • There are 3 cats within arm's reach of me right now as I am sitting on my bed.

  • Mi-Mi has reclaimed her spot on my bed and refuses to budge. Tiki is confused. Tiggy is indifferent.

  • The fish is big now.

  • The dog is big now.


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