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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Software

I've been almost exclusively using my PowerBook since Christmas, cuz I've been at Helen's most of the time and that was all I had in Winnipeg. In terms of new software, this list will be basically only Mac OS X stuff:

1) Adium - awesome IM client (multiple MSN Messenger accounts, ICQ, etc., plus, the best part, is that it shows everybody's picture beside their name!, a few downers - poor handling of adding contacts, difficult to invite third/fourth/etc. parties to a conversation, can't play messenger games)

2) Quicksilver - basically a launcher (ctrl-space, then type in like "Word" and press enter and Word will open or "Saf" and Safari will open!, also other cool things, like controlling iTunes using just keyboard without iTunes having focus)

3) VideoLan (VLC) - video player that plays just about anything without any codecs (downside, doesn't play uncompressed avi's that I make from Matlab)

4) Cyberduck - pretty good (and clean) (S)FTP client

I'm not quite a switcher, but I do very much enjoy working on a Mac. I've become quite accustomed to it, though many of the programs I use are the same as those on Windows (Firefox, Thunderbird, iTunes, MS remote desktop client, SmartCVS, Office, JVM, VLC, Azureus, Matlab). Nice how I can ssh into the cluster directly from terminal rather than having to use a specific ssh terminal program.


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