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Thursday, May 04, 2006

More in, more out

SO FULL! I was full ALL DAY. I'm still full even though it's 11 pm! My current strategy of seeing something I like, taking a pile of it and then continuing down the food aisle in the same manner, and sometimes even visiting multiple food stations, is perhaps, not the best strategy. I had this dull pain throughout the day as my stomach was permanently expanded. Bending over was not possible. I was fortunate that I didn't have to tie my shoes during the day. At both lunch and dinner, I was still full from the previous meal, but I ate anyways. The food is good. I can't help myself. No pain, no gain!

Today's highlights:
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Google

  • Fresh, fruit smoothie at breakfast

  • Good, hot breakfast with a custom made omlette to start off the day

  • Learnt more company secrets

  • Couldn't figure out how to attend the "mandatory" company wide meeting

  • One step closer to riding those scooters

  • Real lobster in my soup at lunch

  • Found the office supplies cabinet ;)

  • Internal IM is great

  • Learning stuff I kinda know

  • Realizing that there isn't actually a "Google Store" to visit (boo!)

The food being this tasty is a problem, but because of being so full throughout the day, and not about weight. I'm not too worried about gaining weight. I managed to avoid the frosh 15 twice, and the last time I had buffet meals all year (though not nearly as good of food). Metabolism, don't fail me now! My motto in these kind of situations is

More in, more out

The only problem is that I'm pretty inactive at the moment (well, at least over the last two days and likely for the next two). I'm not rollerblading to school anymore and I haven't played volleyball for a few days b/c of my knee (and I'm busy). I'm hoping that once I get settled in this week, I can start ramping up the volleyball and start going through that open gyms list. I'll see how many of those I can get to (there's like 60 of them! So, 20 a month or 5 times a week :p)

I discovered the fresh, made right in front of you, fruit smoothie at breakfast today (frozen fruit blended, like the Freh and Fruity at Bubble Tease). Good stuff. The drinks are just amazing here. I went through I donno, like 6 or more drinks today. Fruit smoothie, fresh oj, one of the naked kiwi juices, V8 splash tropical blend, fresh young coconut (just rows of them sitting out for lunch), and the drink special at dinner which had a nice watermelon flavour. I'm just constantly going to the washroom because of all these drinks.

My only worry with these drinks is that many of them have various vitamin and mineral "boosts". While this is probably ok when just drinking one, but in the quantities that I'm drinking and mixing, this is probably not so healthy. I'm going to avoid all the ones with boosts from now on, or at least limit my consumption of them.

I have quickly discovered when the fresh fruit cups are delivered to my floor. I think at about 2:15 pm, all these little containers of fresh fruit are put on ice in the mini kitchen. They disappear very quickly. I've been going for the fountain drink sized ones. The alternative are these small little cups, though they are concentrated with berries as opposed to more melons. This sizeable snack so soon after lunch contributes significantly to my constant feeling of fullness.

All in all, while I'm consuming quite a bit of food, I think I am just naturally eating pretty healthy. More than anything, I'm consuming mass quantities of fruit (either in solid or juice form). I should probably shift to the vegetable side of things a bit. Pretty much everything is low fat and non-greasy. Of the meat that I'm eating, it's pretty healthy, today it was pork, shrimp, and sea bass. I will probably restart my "at least once a day" chocolate milk habit, like I adopted at MSR, to act as my calcium intake.

I plan on doing going on the Google "diet" again for all my meals tomorrow :). Will I ever learn? I'm going to say no.


Anonymous said...

foooooooood... *wipes off drool from keyboard*

Bob said...

So here's the plan. You can help me save cash on groceries after I move into my place by fedexing me some of that delicious google food. Especially some of that lobster soup. Diabolical hey?? ;)

Vince said...

...that actually might work. They have all these take out containers in the cafeteria so you can take food on the go and they have Fed Ex pick up right there and at a discount.

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