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Monday, January 28, 2008

Unrealistic movie locations

I was watching a movie the other day and it was totally unrealistic. There's no way that there'd ever be that many girls in front of Sandford Fleming (the engineering building on U of T campus).

The movie was shot on campus and the buildings were very easily recognizable. That ruined the whole movie for me. It went from some plausible fictitious story to one rooted in reality that was completely unrealistic. I know the areas that they shot very well and the events that they portrayed were completely implausible for those areas.

I used to find it quite the novelty to recognize scenes in movies, but now I just find that it takes away from some of the magical qualities of the movie.

Movies that were ruined for me because they were shot on U of T campus: The Skulls, Mean Girls, American Pie Beta House, The Hulk 2 (to be ruined). The ending for Resident Evil 2 was ruined for me because I know for a fact that Toronto City Hall wasn't blown up, in fact, I was in my room in residence at the time watching them film and the place didn't blow up.


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