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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations President (Elect) Obama!

After months and months of campaigning, it's finally over! And the US didn't screw things up this time around! I know the polls pretty much had called the election for Obama, but I was still a bit worried that something was gonna go wrong. I was impressed by the polling; they were pretty accurate. I was following FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics quite closely and while each individual poll is not that reliable, they are pretty reliable if you average them all together and weight them appropriately (as 538 did).

Anyways, nothing I can say would be anything more than what has already been said by all the pundits and newscasters. Well, except for the fact that even here in Toronto, people are very interested in the election. After volleyball, I went to the Wheat Sheaf for wings and beer, a pub that seems to have a bit of a sports inclination. Even there, the tv's (maybe 6 - 8 of them) were on CNN for the election coverage and when John McCain was giving his concession speech, the place went quiet.

Congratulations President David Palmer.... err... I mean President Barack Obama ;)


Asirap said...

I called this. You are my witness.

Vince said...

Ya, you totally called this. Back in 2006, I was all about Hillary Clinton so that Bill would be the first lady, but you were all about this "Obama" guy that I had never heard about. I switched after I heard him talk about his technology platform.

Florence said...

I started watching 24 a few months ago (from season 1), and that's what I kept thinking about.

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