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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Minneapolis after an 18 hour drive

So I'm in Minneapolis for a conference. Whoopeeeee.... (that's sarcastic if you didn't notice).

We left at 5:45am EST and got to Minneapolis at 11:45pm EST (10:45pm local time). 7 guys in a 7 seater van. Fun times. We were stopping every 2ish hours to take a break, change drivers, and rotate seating, as the back seat fit 3 across and was not well suited for 3 adults. Being the last one in the van, I got sandwiched between two not-so-small guys in the backseat right at the start. That wasn't very pleasant. We had to overlap shoulders in order to fit. Oh, and I didn't know any of them beforehand, though a few look familiar from various talks and stuff.

We would have arrived sooner, but we got held up at the US border for an hour b/c of the Mexican in our party. Plus we hit some bad traffic and construction around Chicago.

The drive wasn't too bad though. I basically slept the entire time :). My knees are kinda shot though from being cramped in a small space for so long.

I didn't sleep the night before, so that probably helped my sleeping, but I tend to sleep quite well in moving vehicles anyways. I can't believe that even not sleeping, I just barely had enough time to pack and get ready. I may have been doing laundry from 1 - 3am and I may have been in my office at 4am printing out copies of my paper :p

We're staying in a hostel. The place is actually pretty nice. We've got a large room with 7 beds and I'm the only one up right now (just finished showering, so I'm waiting for my hair to dry and am continuing with my Internet addiction). The snoring level is reasonable...

Anyways, gotta get up early tomorrow for the conference.

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Florence said...

Be greatful for what you got. Better Minneapolis than Saskatoon! Too bad about the travel arrangements though. :p

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