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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mishmash of stuff

This always happens. I go on vacation and then want to blog about it, but am too lazy to do so, and I don't want to blog about new stuff when I haven't blogged about the vacation, so then I just don't blog, until I have the need to blog and then I blog and then the vacation post just gets less and less probable of ever getting written. I'll try and write it. Maybe on the way to Minneapolis...

Anyways, here's what's happened in the last little while:

  • Volleyball
    • Started practicing outdoors on concrete. Let the scraping begin!

    • Played my first ever 9-man game! It was fun! Not as much of a difference as I thought it was gonna be. It was still volleyball. Plus, we've been practicing a lot, so I was prepared.

    • Saw Gizelle leaving Scarborough Town Centre in her car while I was in the parking lot and we stared at each other, half recognizing each other, but not 100% sure it was the other, especially since we were way out of our usual environment.

    • Saw the Columbians (or some sort of Spanish speaking people) play on the 10' high volleyball net with a soccer ball again. I need to bring my camera to practice to snag a picture for you guys.

    • Finished my second week in a row of 20+ hours of volleyball. That's without playing beach... I've been going to the girls' practice to help out and get some extra practice.

    • Learnt how to fist serve and serve with a lot of top spin. Working on fixing my arm swing when hitting and snapping my wrist. Chris was very observant.

  • School
    • Bio is not inspirational

    • Finished my poster! My first poster for a conference. I would have rather had a talk. You can't do posters too last minute b/c you have to get it printed and crap. It's an ok poster. Not a great one. At least it was pretty easy b/c I just needed to pull stuff from the paper.

    • Patent pending. All I had to do was sign some documents and now I have a patent pending. Neb filed it for us for the work above. We had to get it filed before the conference otherwise prior art would have been an issue.

  • Procrastination
    • Procrastinated by coding. Hacking facebook to be exact. Details to appear later.

    • Tribal Wars. Justin and I are addicted. I need more wood!!!

    • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

    • Usual dicking around online

    • I get the National Post now. I'm not a big fan. I'd rather have the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, or Winnipeg Free Press. But, it was free b/c of my Citibank credit card for 90 days.

  • Outings
    • Serena Ryder in concert. Jeremy Fisher opened. The guy in front of me was really annoying b/c he was tall and he kept moving his head. It was obvious that he wasn't really paying attention and was there just b/c his boyfriend dragged him.

    • Clubbing last Friday

    • North by Northeast and FCUK fashion show with Tina, Donna, and Newton.

    • I was on the subway and someone was reading a Russian newspaper. I was able to read some of it over his shoulder :)

    • Lunch with DT fancy pants.

    • Seeing Chris Bosh at Holt Renfrew in Yorkville

    • Dinner with Cris and Teresa b/c I didn't want to break the streak of seeing Warriors everyday for the past week. Random event of the night: being served by Marieke at the restaurant.

  • New music albums
    • Kelly Clarkson - My December

    • Missy Higgins - On A Clear Night

    • Mandy Moore - Wild Hope

    • Maria Mena - Apparently Unaffected

    • LeAnn Rimes - Whatever We Wanna

    • t.A.T.u. - Dangerous and Moving

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Anita said...

Nice poster Vince! I also just presented my first poster at a conference a few weeks ago.

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