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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ok, here's an update

I'm backlogged in posts, so I've been delaying posting, but someone wrote on my blog wall asking for an update, so here it is. I'll now post some random comments.
  • I'm back in Toronto

  • New Year's was "interesting"

  • I played a lot of Wii in Winnipeg

  • There was another semi-annual engineering dinner

  • I built my annual quinzee

  • I went snowboarding in a valley in the prairies again

  • Tiki's about 6 months and 5 pounds now and she likes her new cat tree as well as climbing to the top of my shelf and knocking books down

  • There was snow here when I got back, but it all melted b/c it was +16 in January, so much for snow on the slopes...

  • I managed to avoid the -46 in Winnipeg

  • Instead of exchanging phone numbers when you meet new people, the new thing to do is ask if they're on Facebook

  • There are too many birthdays in January and I wish that people would spread out their parties. April must be a fun month. I guess spring is not just mating season for bunnies.

  • I managed to sneak my rollerblades into a club after the bouncer said I couldn't b/c they were a weapon

  • Circa is a weird nightclub

  • 90's teen movies throw me off because they don't text message, use the internet, or use pepper spray

  • Plenty of fish

  • I got my OLPC laptop!

  • Volleyball intramurals and GSU league have started, so I'm back to my regular (at least) 4 days of volleyball a week, which will be bumped up to 7 in March

  • I'm really pissed off at the door-to-door paper salesman that keeps giving out my cell number. This has been happening for over a year...

  • I don't recommend rollerblading in the snow

  • I'm tired of being the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th wheel

  • I love that "A" Daily Show and the Colbert Report are back on the air, despite the lack of writers. I'm also loving the Mercer Report now.

  • Barack Obama

  • David Suzuki's talk on campus was awesome. I hope to have that much energy when I'm 71.

  • I sometimes despair that the world will never see another man like Superman

  • Do you ever finish showering, shut off the water, and still feel soapy, then you look around and one of your arms still has soap bubbles all over it? No? Well, I guess it's just me then.

  • I watched all of Rome and was upset after finishing the second season to find out that there wasn't any more episodes. I then turned to Shakespeare to continue the Roman story.

  • I still haven't unpacked and I'm going to a conference in Banff in mid-February, so it's getting to the point, where I can just close the suitcase and leave instead of unpacking and then repacking


Florence said...

New Year's was interesting and fun, among other things. :)

Too bad that girl was anti-Facebook, hey? ;)

How did you sneak in rollerblades? Hide them under your shirt or something? I would consider that a security flaw.

Do you know how to contact the salesman?

Did you see David Suzuki when he came to the U of M? I didn't realize he was 71 already.

I vote for no unpacking. I had about the same amount of time between my trip to Italy and when I went to visit you in California, and left my suitcase in the middle of my room the entire time. :) I did repack, though it probably wasn't worth it. :)

Vince said...

I just hid the rollerblades behind my legs and behind my friends. I just had to get past the bouncers. The friskers saw the rollerblades b/c I held them out in plain view, but didn't say anything. They didn't even look into my rollerblades or scan them. I could've very easily hid a gun or knife in them.

Next time someone calls, I'm going to ask who the name of the company/person is and I'm going to track the guy down and tell him that he's an idiot and costing me money by using up my balance on my cell phone.

I never saw David Suzuki when he went to the U of M. I don't remember that. Did you go?

Jill said...

Do you ever finish showering, shut off the water, and still feel soapy, then you look around and one of your arms still has soap bubbles all over it?--yes, but not often.

Florence said...

You should totally do that. How many phone calls do you think you've gotten for him? Every now and then (maybe once a year) someone calls my place asking for Michael. That's been happening for probably 10 years now.

Yeah, I went to David Suzuki at the U of M. It must have been when we were in 2nd or 3rd year. I might have skipped class to go to the talk. I know I wouldn't have missed it. They held it in University College and there were a lot of people who went. It was to promote this tv series about the Earth that was about to come out. Did he have anything in particular (like another tv series) to talk about when you saw him?

Vince said...

I've probably taken about 2-3 dozen over the past year and a half. It comes in bursts. I know when he goes out to try and get new clients b/c I get a lot of phone calls the next few days.

David Suzuki's talk wasn't about promoting anything. The talk was entitled "The Biosphere Crisis: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going?" and he talked about the problems that we all know about and about North American society's perspective of the environment in relation to the economy and politics.

Bob said...

Do you ever finish showering and you can't remember if you washed your hair or not, so you gotta go back in and do it again??

I always get calls at work from people looking for doctors. "Hello, my husband just had surgery on his knee last week and I was wondering if it would be alright to take the bandages off".. uummmmmm... sure!

I saw David Suzuki when he was at the U of M, but suspiciously I did not see Florence there. I think maybe she was just looking for an excuse to cut class.

Jill said...

My parents' get calls from people looking for Shelmerdine's (the flower and garden place). The callers just go right into long speeches about their plants or asking if something is available. Sometimes we like to have fun and say, "yeah, we've got lots and they're 50% off."

Florence said...

Have you read David Suzuki's autobiography? Noticed it in your library section.

Well, I didn't see you there either Rob, so maybe you were the one who was being a bad apple. What did he wear that day??

Vince said...

Haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I'll have to soon because it's my turn to present a famous researcher or scientist to my research group.

Bob said...

Don't try and turn this around Florence. I'm on to you, you're not as innocent as you seem.

Vince said...

Just take New Year's as an example of Florence's impurity.

Bob said...

You know what they say..."you can take the girl out of the north end, but you can't take the north end out of the girl"


Florence said...

I'm not north end!! >:(


Vince said...

Don't make me ban you for lying on my blog. Accept reality. You are the face of the North End for us. Well, Jill too ;)

Florence said...

:~( I'm telling the truth. *sniffle* Please don't ban me.

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