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Friday, December 16, 2005

Complaining works

The DSL here has been rather flaky ever since I got back here. I blame Florence. I determined that it was MTS's fault as the "DSL" light on the modem was flashing red and green and wasn't able to establish a good connection with the what-ever-ma-call-it. I finally got fed up enough to call to complain. The guy was nice and I guess I showed enough intelligence to not warrant the usual "are the wires plugged in" questions, so that was nice. Anyways, they checked things on their side and a guy called me back in a couple minutes saying that they "changed my profile" and surprisingly enough, it was working. Not sure what "profile" they had me under before, but whatever, it's working now. Florence if you're reading this, please provide some insight.


Anonymous said...

Ok. So we have been doing stuff. It's not really official yet, and due to confidentiality / nondisclosure type agreements, I can't give you the full story. However, you did the right thing by calling a trouble in to get your profile adjusted. That's all I have to say...

Vince said...

Rostecki was right, you're running the entire operation at MTS! If my Internet wasn't working, you'd so be getting an angry phone call :p

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