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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Semi-annual Engineering Dinner

Monday: 9 iron rings (well, 8 since a certain someone whose names stars with "K" and ends with "wan") + indian buffet!

Numbers swelled to 13 due to significant others and the infamous pharmacist-turned-engineer-turned-internet pharmacist.

Settlers at Rob's afterward with a subset of the group (not that Rob, the other one, but the original was there too, it's all very confusing, uniqueness in names should be enforced like online, so then you'd get Rob3847 and Rob68473, or they can be referred to by their last names only). I so would've won if it wasn't for Florence!!! She screwed me over like a blind man's dog attacking its owner! Yes, you Florence! I know you're reading this! Words to the wise, 6 player Settlers with two newbies takes FOREVER. It was like 2 hours long! Just roll the damn dice!


Sarah said...

wtf is settlers. you've been talking a lot of gibberish since you left for winnipeg. even more than usual

Bob said...

vince likes sheep

Vince said...

I love sheep. I like to hoard entire herds.

Seriously, we're not friends anymore if you don't know what Settlers is. Even Ofer knows.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey! Enough of this Florence bashing! Not only do I see that you did NOT remove your prior Florence-bashing post, but now you have a NEW one.

And about Settlers - I WAS rolling the dice in good time...just took a while to think about everything else...and the longest road - I had no choice. The others were pressuring me. You know I can't stand pressure. :P

Vince said...

Hahaha, I just wanted to see how long it took you to defend yourself!

I wasn't blaming you for rolling slowly, just the group in general. Turns just took way too long.

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