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Friday, March 10, 2006

California or Bust

I'm going to be a Googler (an employee of Google)! Well, at least for the summer... (May - July)

I finally made my decision after sitting on the fence for a month and a half. My ass is really sore from sitting that long.

I consulted with many people over this decision - Brendan, Anitha, Sarah, Jill, Rob, Rob (intentional repetition), Mimi (person, not cat, since cat was not here), Christina, Stacey (Microsoft employee and friend), Nebojsa (Microsoft guy), Ashutosh (Google guy), and my family. I probably missed a few. All non-Microsoft people said Google. All Microsoft people said Microsoft.

It was a hard decision. I was flipping sides like every few days. I enjoyed working at MSR and with Nebojsa and value him as a mentor. Plus we have some unfinished projects and there's the prospect of him nominating me for the MSR fellowship (not needed financially, but nice to have). My life in Seattle was also good and I have friends there.

Ultimately though, I decided that considering that I am still relatively early in my studies, I want to establish breadth before depth with respect to working environments, living locations, connections, projects, etc. Not to mention the free food at Google!


Bob said...

Free Food? you didn't mention that part before.. in that case you totally made the right decision.

Vince said...

And by free food, I don't mean like regular cafeteria food. Their cafeterias have like gourmet restaurants! I'm talking like actual steaks, not Salisbury or minute steaks, real steaks. Grain-fed beef if that's what you want.

One of Google's biggest hiring decisions of the last few months has been the hiring of the new head chef.

Bob said...

sounds awesome :)

hey speaking of steak, have you tried the new steak sub from subway? it's scrumptous.

Vince said...

I had it last week, it's quite tasty!

Mmmm... thinking of it is making me hungry. Maybe I'll pick one up on the way home...

Sarah said...

free gourmet meals and loaded snack room. who can say no? well, except you. it took the on-site laundry room for you to sign the offer!

omg i feel like everyone in the world is talking about subways steak sub. honestly...i've heard about it at least 5 different times since the beginning of the week, and i havent stepped foot in a subway.

Vince said...

I so don't understand the laundry service on campus. People better not have dirty underwear in their cubicles.

I had the steak sub again today. It was very satisfying :)

Anonymous said...

Just curious, did you fly there for the interview? or was it just a telephone interview?

Vince said...

Just phone interviews with two Googlers.

Anonymous said...

i would totally go there for the food and free on-site laundry. it makes so much logistical sense.

John said...

hmm, i heard google gives ppl shit pay

Vince said...

Umm... John man, you need new sources if that's what you heard.

If I could get paid even at the Google intern salary in my full time job, I'd be quite happy (think 6 digits).

Vince said...

I don't understand the on-site laundry. Am I supposed to bring my dirty laundry to work? Or am I supposed to leave my dirty laundry at work and like change in my cubicle?

Do I bring my sheets and towels to work to wash them?

I just don't get it.

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