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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Couriers are the worst way to send stuff

Sure they advertise that they deliver in like so and so number of days, but what's the point when they don't actually deliver it to you? Worse yet, you can't go and easily pick it up, b/c there's like only one depot for every like billion sq. km.

Offer letters from G were being FedEx'ed to me. I go and leave my apartment yesterday and was like, wtf? There's a notice on my door. Damn, I missed the delivery... wait a second... 10:30 am?... I WAS HERE!!! AND AWAKE!!!! WTF??!?!?!!?? I even had my bedroom door open!! Ummm.... HELLO??? IT'S CALLED KNOCKING!!!!! They didn't buzz my number and I swear they didn't knock, at least not, by any means, loudly.

They give me the option of picking it up... on like the other side of the city between the hours of 8 PM and 10 PM. WOW! A whole 2 hour window when I can pick it up. No, that's not an error because it's a pre-made stamp that they used.

I decided not to go pick it up this time (I did it for my iPod, b/c I couldn't wait, but that was their fault b/c I was home and they delivered it to the wrong address, then they had to pick it up from them and then they didn't deliver it, just put it in the depot). I received the letter this morning. They actually knocked this time.

Stupid couriers never work the first time with me. Shit always happens or I'm not home (why do you think that I'd be home between 9 and 5 on a weekday???). And there's no reception person here to accept packages for me. Worst system ever. I much prefer Canada Post or USPS, where if it's small, they shove it in the mailbox, and if I'm not home, it'll be waiting for me at the post office in the Shopper's around the corner, which is a far better system. So if you send me stuff, don't use a courier b/c it won't get to me. Save time and money and just use the postal service.


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