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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Semi-Annual Engineering Dinner Redux

Rob, Rob, Florence, Andy, Alfred, Alice, Kwan, Becky, Vince, Nusraat. Chris is missing b/c he left early for "Bingo"

My amazing effect with the ladies! I love how Nusraat is COMPLETELY ignoring me. But between me and you, I think she was struggling to keep herself back so as not to come out with any incriminating photos since her boy toy (aka husband) wasn't there. I so do not have asian glow in this pic.

More Pictures (some pics stolen from Becky)

I was gonna call this post "Semi-Annual Engineering Dinner", but that was done already.

Again, 9 rings (11 people). Kevin would have made 10, but we're not sure what happened to him. Our best guess was that he was mauled by a caribou when he was at his cottage, but survived the attack, only to be pecked by two ducks while he was down and later devoured by a bear.

We went to the Paragon this time. Mediterranean in "downtown". Pretty much just randomly chosen. It was pretty dead there, so at least the service was pretty good. Nice inside, though we had the super long table, which sucks for socializing. Food was decent. But you know, if I have to pay for food, I expect it to be AMAZING, considering the quality I got for free.

Again, we hit up Rostecki's for board games afterwards (Rob, Rob, Flo, and Me). Again, not your usual board games. One was Toppos, a card game, and another was Thurns and Taxis or something. I apparently am good at Toppos (2/3) and just narrowly lost to Rostecki in T&T.

I got a phone call from my sister saying that the restaurant called and I left my camera at the restaurant. This is yet another reason why I don't like bringing my camera. Plus, my batteries were really low, so I couldn't take many pictures and the camera like shut off by itself when Florence was trying to take a pic (I was doing this new trick I had recently learnt). Anyways, I went back after board games as they were open until 1 b/c of the bar and got my camera back. Apparently the waiters had some fun with my camera :)


Anonymous said...

You sneak.

JL said...

It looks like you are holding a drink that is the same size as your body in that first picture.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering how could she be completely unaware...I could feel the air when someone is near me. Nice shot! Oh and thanks a million for the Google Tee!

Vince said...

In actual fact, I'm holding a fork and that water vase is at least twice as big as my body.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I totally fell for your trick. Right, that's not asian glow, it's just the colour of Nusraat's shirt reflecting off your face. :p

Bob said...

Why do I always look fat in pictures?

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