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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Birthday / Weekend / Winnipeggers' Visit / GReunion 3.1 Recap

Just wanted to recap the past few days.

  • "Bong'ed" it up for "DV"

  • Jill flew into Toronto from Winnipeg

  • Lunch at Korean town with Jill. Mmmmm... red bean walnut cakes and red bean shaved ice!

  • All-you-can-eat sushi with CCF'ers. The waiters were amused by the loud Happy Birthday singing. I got the full 26+ birthday beats outside.

  • Phantom of the Opera movie at Innis where we had to change rooms half-way in after getting kicked out of the TV room

  • 4 hours of pick-up volleyball with my racist volleyball club

  • Chris flew into Toronto from Winnipeg

  • Cake! (it couldn't handle the necessary # of candles)

  • GReunion 3.1: Jonny joins the Winnipeggers for dinner at Marche (aka Richtree Market)

  • OVR Pass. The reason Jill and Chris were in Toronto and it needed its own post ;)

  • Grub at Gold Stone at 3am

  • Chris and Jill slept together... ok, well, they shared my futon :p

  • Stumbled out of bed around 11 and was not in a great condition after 4 hours of volleyball and 4 hours of clubbing the day before

  • Brunch at Over Easy with the 'Peggers

  • Wild goose chase for a bike store and a windbreaker for Dayna

  • Centre Island
    • Not much open, but the view was nice and it was a nice escape from the city

    • It's a bit ironic being there with the Winnipeggers. People in Toronto view Centre Island as a bit of a getaway and a taste of rustic/country/small town living. But from a Winnipegger's view, it's just a fake version of cottage country around Winnipeg :p

  • Finally sat together in the subway

  • Cinn-a-ma-bun

  • Drinks and food on the patio of Jack Astor

  • Chris left for the airport and apparently didn't have a good trip back (see Chris's comment)

  • The Hour
    • Jill got us (free) tickets to go watch The Hour, well, actually to go watch the host, George Stroumboulopoulos (of Much Music fame)

    • Took me 10 min. to blade down there from my apartment

    • I had never seen the show before, but figured it'd be interesting and I'd keep her company. It's a news/interview show.

    • Guests were Ishmael Beah (pre-taped) and Peter Krause (live). We also got to see the interview with Ian McEwan, which will be aired sometime in the future.

    • I was surprised that George took the time to talk to the audience during commercial breaks and after the show. He stayed for at least an hour afterwards to talk to us and to get photos with people. I chatted with him for bit and he's a pretty cool guy. Really down to Earth. Apparently, any time he mentions Wikipedia from now on, he'll think about me :)

    • There were a good half dozen or so Winnipeggers in the audience

    • I saw someone else with my ipod sock camera case!

    Me and George

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