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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm the 'V' in OVR!

OVR: Oliver, Vince, and Reggie. The birthday boys!!!

Me with my "Out of Towners": Chris, Vince, Jon, and Jill

Me and the Ladies!
I'm always on the left b/c I can only take good self-photos right handed :p

Me and the Boys (I was being omnisexual)

More pictures

If you had told me back in high school that Jill and Chris would fly to Toronto for my birthday and that I was having my birthday bash at a club, I would've told you to stop taking drugs. For those of you who didn't go to high school with us, I wasn't friends with Jill and Chris back then (they weren't cool enough for me ;)). We were ok with each other, but we didn't talk or hang out b/c we just had different social circles. It wasn't until after when I was in undergrad with Chris and Rob did I become friends with them and then by association, Jill and others. Weird how things turned out the way they did, but I'm glad that we all had a second chance with each other. I'm still amazed that they both just came on a whim (they made independent decisions to come) and it was awesome having them here to celebrate with me!

Anyways, Saturday was the big party! It was a club night hosted by my racist volleyball team and a joint fundraiser for the volleyball club and a birthday bash. We had it in a private lounge and we filled it pretty good. Thanks to everyone that came out for my birthday and to support my club!

I had an amazing time! It helped that between the friends that I brought, the people on my team, and friends I knew but came with people on my team, I knew like 40-50 people there! Plus, I could basically get my way into any group as I would know the person that brought them to the club and then I could use my "I'm the 'V' in OVR" line :)

I was a bit concerned going in as I had probably a dozen people tell me that they were gonna get me hammered and wanted to see me puke. People seem to want to see me wasted. This is a trend that has gone on for a while. Probably b/c I usually come across as quiet, shy, and controlled to those I don't really know. It reminds me of the "Just shy, not anti-social (you can talk to me!)" t-shirt from xkcd.

Knowing that my alcohol tolerance is low and wanting to last longer than Vic and Nelson at their birthday party, I started avoiding people that were trying to buy me drinks around drink #9 and also passing drinks along to Chris and others :)

I had reached a sufficient amount of alcohol quite early in the night as you can see from the progression of the redness of my face in the photos. In my defense, it was really hot in there, so that didn't help my redness. I then proceeded to float around to say "hi" to people that I knew and to take a photo with them. My way of saying "hi" when drunk is to grind up against the person from behind and wait for them to turn around :). Girl, guy, I didn't discriminate! I was being omnisexual (reference to a tv show that I'll be blogging about soon). The jury's still out as to whether I grinded with more girls or guys :p. Oh, and I managed to cause one fight to break out :p

Can't wait for the next clubbing night!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Geez you are old...

Jill Barrott said...

Hey Vince--the high school me never would have guessed that I would be flying out for your birthday but I'm glad I did! I hope we can celebrate together many more birthdays to come. It's good to know that I am now cool enough to hang out with Vincent Cheung. I'm practically a socialite ;)

My girlfriends are already asking if they can join me the next time I come out. Can't wait to do it all again!

Asirap said...

I know your 1337 Photoshop skillz and there is no way so many people took a picture with you. Nice try bud and better luck next birthday.

bb tang said...

lol.. reading this is making me regret not asking you to go clubbing/bar this weekend and help you take pics with the ladies (so you don't always have to be on the left) and i guess get you hammered.. lol
i have yet still need to witness the "quiet, shy, and controlled" guy a party animal!

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