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Monday, December 10, 2007

Cat play dates and Catbook

Tiki had her first cat play date today! It was with Stella, a big brown tabby, owned by my friend Anne on the 2nd floor. I want to expose Tiki to other people and cats so that she's comfortable around them and it's important to do so at a young age. Plus, if it works out well, then she'll have another cat to play with :). The play date didn't go so well. Stella was scared, much bigger than Tiki, but scared, which is understandable b/c she was in a new place with new smells, and there was another cat here. Tiki was pretty scared as well, but managed to calm down. There was hissing from both cats and Stella growled a bit, but at least no claws were thrown. Next time, Tiki and I will go down to visit her place, and Stella should be more comfortable.

I discovered Catbook today and it's the best thing since well, facebook :). Catbook is an application in facebook that lets cats make their own profiles. They post their own profile picture, information, and they get their own friends, wall, mini-feed, etc., just like facebook! I made... err... I mean Tiki, Mittens, and Tigger made their own profiles on Catbook today :).


JL said...

You need to get Tiki used to driving too.... you should bring her to Windsor and she could play with the big boys. Heheh
Carmicheal, Sammy and Sheik would love to meet her I'm sure.

rin tin tin said...

i think tiki can hold her own even though stella is much bigger than her, given that she has had hand to hand combat training with me. :D rawrrrr..

tiiiikiiii...i miss my baby

Bob said...

Sweet! do they have cactusbook yet? I'm thinking Eugene needs his own page.

Vince said...

Cactusbook? :)

X said...

Tiki is brave... she's part Spartan ya know :P

Joel Bradshaw said...

Hey, your post inspired me to finally create a catbook for my cats. I friended Tiki with them, she is adorable!
By the way, I found your blog by way of your xfxScreensaver, which I think is brilliant and I thank you for.

Joel Bradshaw said...

Okay, I lied. I was doing too many things at once and got mixed up. I actually found you through your FaceDown program - which I also am very exctied by, and had a suggestion for. Since I can't find an e-mail or other contact info anywhere, so I'll leave it here. You should be able to add a date restriction, so that in the future, I can download all pictures since 1/20/08, so I don't end up re-downloading them. That would be awesome, but I'm already very pleased with it. Thanks!

Lori said...

Omg that last photo of your cat in a hood is SO cute!

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