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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kitten on a plane!

Tiki in her carrier in the airplane cabin

Tiki's about to go on her first flight!

Tiki is ready for take-off...


So about a week and a half ago, I took Tiki onto the plane with me to Winnipeg. She flew in the cabin with me in her carrier under the seat in front of me. Her ticket was $50 each way. We were sitting in a specially designated seat in that if the cabin lost air pressure, there would be an extra oxygen mask (in addition to the 3 for the 3 seats in the row) that come down from the ceiling that reached all the way down to the floor! I think aside from that, the only thing special about our seat (window seat, closer to the back) was that there was enough space for her carrier (as opposed to the middle seat where there is usually a box in the way for the tv screen stuff I think. We flew WestJet b/c Air Canada don't allow pets in the cabin anymore (they stopped last year I think).

Tiki was great during the flight. She didn't make a sound and didn't try and get out of her carrier. She just slept the whole time, curled up in a ball. I think she was just scared, so she went into a defensive position and just kept wishing that the nightmare would end :p. I periodically pet her, but I wasn't allowed to take her out of the carrier and I was told to keep her carrier on the ground after I tried to put her carrier on my lap.

The weirdest thing about the trip was that I had to take her out of the carrier when I went through security since they had to scan the carrier and it would've have been a good idea for her to be in it when that happened :p. It was kinda strange walking through the metal detector holding a kitten! I didn't have her on leash, so I had to just hope that she wouldn't struggle and jump out of my arms. Again, I think she was just scared, so she was basically a stuffed animal and didn't move. Luckily, we didn't beep, so we didn't have to endure any additional scrutiny.

Tiki's doing great here now. She likes the extra space to roam around, but still mostly follows me around. She's made my room her home base, much to Mi-Mi's chagrin, as it was previously her main sleeping quarters while I am here. Tiki and Tiggy get along quite well now, it took a few days, but they're fine together now. No unforced cuddling yet, but they still have another week and a half or so to work that out. Mi-Mi does not like the new addition at all and Tiki growls and hisses at her in return. The girls fight over me :p

Oh, and I'm up at 4am b/c I'm waiting for my laundry to finish since Mi-Mi peed on my bed again, just like old times... Fortunately, my pillow was spared this time.

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