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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lord of the Ants

I now command ants in addition to wasps

My apartment in Seattle 3 years ago

Long time readers will remember my post from almost exactly 3 years ago about wasps coming into my apartment to die. I now have control over ants. For one reason or another, insects are attracted to me in the last moments of their lives. I must be some sort of insect religious figure that they believe they must visit when they die in order to transcend from this life into the next. Maybe these ants are actually the wasps from before, but in their next life...


Bob said...

There are several different possible interpretations to this situation. One might be that you emit some type of bodily gas that is toxic to insect life, hence the large number of dead ants/bees wherever you go.

Alternatively, I believe that ants & bees are both hive insects. Perhaps they believe you are their queen. I can't imagine why

Also, how do ants get all the way up to the 23rd floor? (or whatever floor it is that you are on).. seems like a long climb.

Asirap said...

Personally, I think you'd make a lovely ant queen. But wow, gross. Stop spilling so many cookie crumbs.

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