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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


What champions look like

School of Graduate Studies' Men's Div 1
Volleyball Intramurals Team

Greg, Jansen, Jon, Anthony
Ron, Bu, Vince
Missing: Utku, Gadi, Ahmed, Sam

Defeated UTSC (University of Toronto Scarborough) on their home court tonight in men's div 1 (the highest level) volleyball intramurals!!! We lost the first set badly, like 16-25. Then, we rallied back in the second to win it 25-20 and rode the momentum to win it all in the third 15-7ish.

Our first game was pretty bad. We just weren't playing well and looked dead out there. In the second, I was like screw this, I'm just gonna start screaming and try and get the team pumped up. I like to think that it helped because we started playing much better. We still didn't hit very well (probably b/c Jon kept setting right side all night and we weren't hitting well from there), but we won it on blocking and defense. Bu came up with some clutch blocks. They were demoralized in the third and we were up like 8-2 when we switched sides.

First time winning it all in volleyball in anything! It's all about the championship t-shirts!!!

Hit up Rowers back in downtown after the game and New Ho King for some late night Chinese food.

Gonna be fun making the figures for the paper while buzzed...


Rob said...

CONGRATS!! man.. you're turning into a little alcoholic eh?? it's a monday night! NICE!!

Princess Sarah said...

congrats! gl with the paper

Vince said...

Nah, we started late this week... Took us all the way until Tuesday to start drinking :p. Would've been Monday if we weren't already eliminated from that league :(

Rob said...

Oh yeah, it was tuesday yesterday. Sorry my sense of time is completely messed up because of my incredibly boring tedious monotonous every-day-is-exactly-the-same job.

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