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Friday, March 17, 2006

The new Google Desktop is amazing!

Finally, I have functionality on Windows that I have on my Mac! You can now use Google Desktop as a program launcher!
  • Hit Ctrl twice

  • A floating search bar pops up

  • Type in something (maybe the name of a program)

  • Use arrow keys to select and press enter

  • Program/file/etc. opens up!

AMAZING! No more having to look for programs in the start menu or in folders! OS X (Mac) has had this functionality for a while now and in the equivalent of the start menu (the dock).

Best thing ever! I've been wanting this functionality for Windows for a while now. Now I finally have it!


Princess Sarah said...


although i wont risk using the sidebar. it's crap and distracting

Rob said...

not even working there yet, and already you're brown nosing. right on! :)

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