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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No Skule on Skule action...

Both Skule (Engineering) co-ed volleyball teams finished first in their pools and got by's to the semi's. Both teams lost today.

Our team wasn't too upset. The team I joined this semester didn't even make playoffs last semseter, so just making it as far as we did was an accomplishment. We played a good game today, but just made dumb mistakes (like serving out and not passing well in serve receive). It was a fun game nonetheless. I was quite pleased how well we did during the season considering the team we had. The other Skule team, the defending champions, was stacked and really cocky. They took the loss a lot harder than we took ours because they expected to win.


Rob said...

I love it when the cocky teams lose, cuz they get all mad and start exploding on each other. Quite entertaining to watch.

Vince said...

Well, I'm friends with the other team and I play(ed) with some of them on other teams, so I didn't want them to lose.

We all went out drinking afterwards anyways (which has been happening the few weeks :p)

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