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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Losing my Winnipegness

I'm back in Winnipeg for the next week and a half for Chris's wedding, as well as to visit family, friends, and pets. I discovered that I'm losing my Winnipegness. I asked Jill whether she was getting Internet for her new home from Rogers or Bell. First, she pointed out her allegiance to MTS, which is the telephone company that provides DSL service in Manitoba, not Bell. Not sure how I missed that considering that I worked for them back in 2nd year (well, Bell and MTS have affiliations). Second, Shaw provides cable service in Manitoba, not Rogers. I would've fared better if I had said Videon :p. Jill said that I was "sooo eastern now". I've been in Toronto too long...

Things in Winnipeg are the same as always. Mittens hasn't fully warmed up to me yet. It usually takes a day for her to re-accustom herself with me, and then she is glued to my bed.

Going to Grand Forks tomorrow for the stag. My schedule's pretty free otherwise, especially during the day since I'm a bum and other people have "work". Let me know when you're free and we'll meet up.


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