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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What happens in Grand Forks, stays in Grand Forks, except what gets posted online :)

Chris, the stag

Rob, the driver and best man

Justin, the onion enthusiast

Vince, the light weight

Golf carts made it much easier to find balls

Cactus Blossom!


Second wind: Chris and the ladies. Too bad one was married and the other was engaged. I somehow got the married one to buy us like a dozen drinks :)

More pictures

We went on a road trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota (USA) for Chris's stag (bachelor party).

Things overheard during the weekend:
  • Rob: "Don't you know you're not allowed to take pictures at a stag?"

  • Rob: "What happens in Grand Forks, stays in Grand Forks"

  • Vince: "This is going on my blog"

  • Chris: "Baja Rosa?"

  • Chris: "Did you know your Mom and sister were gonna be here?"

  • Rob: "No..."

  • Vince: "They're the entertainment"

  • "Let's put Gatorade-vodka in our Nalgenes and bring them on the golf course"

  • "Golf... or something like it. The sequel."

  • Chris: "Maybe you are left handed"

  • Vince: "Stop driving over my golf ball."

  • Vince: "Where's the key?"

  • Hotel desk: "This is the group that may have problems tomorrow morning"

  • Justin: "This is my 3rd Nalgene"

  • Chris: "Mystery shots!"

  • Vince: "I've never been so drunk in a restaurant before"

  • Justin: "Cactus Blossom!"

  • Chris: "Sandy will be very disappointed"

  • Rob: "I can't believe you fit in that shopping cart"

  • Chris: "Hit me"

  • Vince: "I won 5 bucks!"

  • Rob: "I won 50 bucks!"

  • Chris: "Lost $45"

  • Justin: "25"

  • Chris: "The guy could've given me 1's and I wouldn't have known"

  • Girl: "If I buy your friends shots, will they drink it?"

  • Vince: "I somehow got a married woman to buy us like a dozen shots"

  • "What's in a Chuck Norris shot?"

  • Chris: "She made me do it!"

  • Vince: "Are you on facebook?"

  • Mr Clean: "I'll show you a picture"

  • Rob: "Sleep on your back"

  • Vince: "The bathroom door was locked, I don't know how you got in"

  • Chris: "I really had to get in"

  • Vince: "I was half naked going into the shower"

  • Rob: "Transformers is the best movie ever!"

  • Chris: "My heart hurts"

  • Rob: "Too bad all the women we met were married or engaged"

  • Vince: "I've slept with the bride and the groom"

  • Justin: "With copious amounts of alcohol, you all turn gay"

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Florence said...

I can't believe you fit in that shopping cart either. You must have really slender legs.

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