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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Semi-Annual Engineering Dinner Summer 2007 Edition

Vince, Greg, Debbie, Anthony (Debbie's fiance), and Andrew

Vince, Andy, and Florence

Vince, Vanessa, and Erlyn

Alfred, Alice, Becky, and Alvin

As per tradition, a couple of us engineers that went to undergrad together got together for dinner yesterday. This time, the crowd was quite different than usual and I saw several people that I haven't seen since we graduated! I think we had a new record this time with 11 iron rings! We would've had more, but a number of the usuals (Chris, Rob, Kevin, Fan, Nusraat, and Rostecki) couldn't make it for various reasons (out of town, fiance's birthday, baseball, illness).

It all started maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. Debbie, who I haven't seen since undergrad, found me on facebook (everyone's on facebook now!) and we got to talking and it just so happened that I was gonna be in Winnipeg soon and I told her of the semi-annual engineering dinners that I have been organizing. We combined forces this time and got together a good crowd of 16 in total. We had some issues with the restuarant, Joey's at Polo Park, b/c they didn't take reservations (though they said ahead of time that they could handle us) and the tables were small and not together. People were even cliquier than usual b/c of the small tables. People just sat with people that they see all the time (a natural tendency). The one exception was my table where no one, aside from the couple, had barely even seen or talked with anyone else since undergrad. That's how it's supposed to be, reconnecting with people. It's not much better when we have a big long table b/c you can't talk to very many people. I think next time, I'll host a dinner at my house or something. Maybe do a potluck and get people walking around more. It'll be tougher though b/c it'll be near Christmas and I'll only be able to properly host it on a Saturday...


bb tang said...

potluck?! are you place @ xmas? I'm IN! with TUBBY! :D

Vince said...

Tubby's probably not a good idea as I don't think he'll get along very well with Tigger or Mittens :p

Florence said...

I don't remember the last time we did a dinner on a weekend.

Vince said...

Well, people are generally more free during the week than the weekend.

Alice said...

Can I bring Minx too? Oh, and Alfred. :D

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