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Saturday, May 29, 2004

AND dammit, not OR!

Stupid && vs ||.....

It messed up my "inpainting" program, so I was ignoring vast amounts of the image / video in learning the epitome, rather than just ignoring a small patch.

I'm currently running code on 3 computers.....this is a PIV 3 GHz (my home computer), my computer at school's a PIV 3.2 GHz, and I'm also using a computer in the PSI lab room that's free and that's a PIV 2.4 GHz :p. My computer "only" has 512 MB of RAM, while my computer at school has 2 GB! and the extra computer in the lab room has 1 GB :).

I'm currently at home and I remotely access the other computers to run my program on them (I'm using Java, cuz it's faster than Matlab). I'm using Remote Administrator to do the remote accessing. I like the program. Plus, it's the only one that you can (easily) use at school to access computers remotely cuz they only open up that port. Actually, there's something weird with the extra computer in the lab cuz I can't get to it with radmin, so what I actually do is remotely access my computer at school, then use Window XP's built-in remote desktop software, which is pretty slick. It even converts resolution, so you don't get funky scrolling / shrunken windows. Too bad the clusters at school don't have Java on them, otherwise I'd make use of them.

I'm frantically trying to get some better results right now, cuz the NIPS deadline is in a week!


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