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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Batch Image Resizing

Ever want to take your digital pictures and put them on the web or send them through e-mail? Well, you've probably wanted to resize them cuz they're just too big right from the camera. You want really good quality for permanent keeping of the pictures so you can print them out if you want, but you usually just want viewable quality when e-mailing or posting onto web pages. It's a pretty big pain in the ass to have to manually resize each picture. I've been looking for programs to do this for a while and previously have been using this PictureTray program which was pretty limited in its capabilities.

I just found this new program that's much more powerful. It's called ReaConverter. I tried it out a bit and it's pretty easy to use. In terms of resizing, you can resize by percentage or set maximum height / width in pixels. It has lots of options, even one that lets you keep the original file date of the changed image (I'm a big fan of date stamps). You can even save the scripts you make. It also supports a number of image formats. The only thing is that it's shareware.....I'm waiting for eMule to download a key / keygen :p.


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