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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I'm all moved into my new apartment now (moved everything on the 7th), but just got DSL from Bell Sympatico on Monday (17th).

I was gettin' some crazy speeds! Downloading off BitTorrent at 275 kB/s! I downloaded Avril Lavigne's new album in just a few minutes, same with a few episodes that I missed, i.e. Angel, 24, last 5 min. of the series finale of Friends.

I'm quite impressed. Bell recently upgraded the DSL from 1Mbps to 3 :D. Back in Winnipeg, I never got over 150 kB/s. That was after it was upgraded. Prior to that I was getting no more than 80. Before that, I was on dial-up and got like 4-5 kB/s :p.

I was on dial-up between the 7th and 17th....used quite a number of hours, like close to 20 hours :p.

My phone was up on the 8th and same with cable, but Internet took a while. Plus, they delivered the package on a Friday evening and didn't even leave a message telling me they came. I got the tracking number from Bell and found that it was at Shopper's and picked it up on Monday...

Anyways, gotta go.


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