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Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm so retarded, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I don't think I like it

I grab the can of Pepsi on my desk and throw it back thinking that there's only a smidget left and this way I can get those precious last drops, only to find out that there's more left than I expected and I get Pepsi all over my face and clothes....and I just did laundry....

Who does this kind of thing?.... At least I'm on the right path for one of the Darwin awards....


Sarah said...

shit i do that kind of thing.

as long as no one sees it's fine :)

The Chocolate Rocket said...

shit! So do I!! I once poured my beer on my burrito instead of hot sauce!! The bottles were about the same height & the conversation was sooo good!

I didn't realize until I had beer dripping down my elbow - but burrito was soaked in Budwiser Select :(

Vince said...

seriously man, how does the bear suit stay on?

GajCo Inc. said...

Dear Mr. VDog,

We here at GajCo Inc. would like to inquire regarding any "cleaned up" Recent Post Sidebar code you may have created in the recent past. Our intent is to open the channels of communication for collaboration, in hopes that this code may benefit society as a whole.

Respectfully Yours,

GajK, CEO of GajCo Inc.

Vince said...

Dear Mr. Bear Suit,

Thank you for your interest in the products offered here at VeeCo Inc. While our code base is open source, it is regrettably in a form that is difficult to read due to the rushed hack job performed by one of our recent phd interns. While he is amazingly brilliant, handsome, and charming, we did not give him enough time to do a proper job.

Unfortunately we do not currently have the funds to hire him at this time to clean up the code; however, you are free to see the recent post about the recent comments in the sidebar. Hopefully funds will free up soon so that he may return and clean up the code base. I also hear that his prodigy may be available for work.

Depending on your needs, it may suffice to use the code from this page, which is the code that the phd student based his work upon. The reason the code is a mess on this site is because we asked him to add the "show/hide" feature of the comments and he then proceeded to more efficiently and seemlessly combine the two features together.


Dr. Vince
President of VeeCo Inc.

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