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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Missing things in Seattle

I wish I had an ensuite washer and dryer like I had in Seattle. Sure beats having to take the elevator down 25 floors and carrying my laundry. At least I can do all of it in parallel, but it's a bitch when you forget something and you have to go all the way up, down the hall, and reverse to put in the volleyball kneepads into the wash....

While I'm at it, I'd also like to have the dishwasher I had in Seattle as well as a car. It'd be so much easier to get groceries with a car...

Though I enjoy riding on the subway and walking in downtown, minus the black stuff on the kleenex when you blow your nose, but it's WAY better than say.... Hong Kong.


Sarah said...

that must hurt. this is my first time having ensuite washer/dryer and it is amazing. i could never go back (to bringing my laundry all the way to burlington). :P

Vince said...

it could be worse, at least i have ensuite washrooms ;)

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