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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Played Xbox 360

Oh, and around 3, this girl that's on the Xbox team goes to her car and brings in an Xbox 360 :)

It's not even out until the end of the month! All (zero of) my friends on the "Internets" are gonna be so jealous!!!

It was pretty fun. I was told that I can't disclose any information or share pictures.

Actually the UBC engineer and one of the Waterloo girls are both on the Xbox team and they were like, it's not a big deal to them b/c they play with it every day and see people playing on it all the time. The rest of us were like, hey it's cool and wanted to check it out, but none of us were huge gamers or anything. You know, only 3 people got punched and 1 guy got knifed in choosing who got a controller. The strangest and funniest thing was that me and another guy were playing this one game (can't disclose which game) and the two girls were telling us what to do. It was just the strangest feeling...

Not like they were geek girls, ok, well, everyone there was geeky, but they don't appear or act geeky, like you wouldn't pick them out of a crowd as such. It's cool that way though. Geek is chic.


Sarah said...

pretty sure THIS blog is about randoms. random geeks at that.

oh i can pick ANY geek out of a crowd

Anonymous said...

oh you know it - geeks are SO in

Vince said...

Haha, I never said anything about my blog, and yes, my blog is totally random by a random for randoms. I serve the randoms.

Well, you know, for you Princess, it's easy to pick geeks out of a crowd because it's always easy to identify your own kind.

Sarah said...

i never pretend not to be a geek :) let's not forget i'm in eng.

your blog is for randoms. mine isn't!

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