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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New camera!

The cameras face off... but how am I taking this photo of the cameras???

HP 812 (old)

Canon SD600 (new)

I got an early Christmas present! I don't think this counts towards my quota of Christmas presents either :D. It helps that my parents own a computer store and can get stuff for cost. It also helps that it's partially a business cost as the store is going to use my old camera in its business operations.

My old camera still works and the image quality's decent, but it's rather clunky, using AA batteries sucks, and the eye viewer is busted (it's permanently zoomed in). The old camera's a 4 MP, and the new one is 6, though the optics and sensors are better on the new camera. If you zoom in on the images above, you can tell the difference, though the focus is a little off for the HP camera. Of course, the first pictures I take with a new camera are of my pets :)

The new camera has a lot more features and you can control things better in manual mode (not that I know what I'm doing). It also starts faster, has less of a delay when taking pictures, is smaller and lighter, and uses a lithium battery, which lasts way longer than AAs. I was particularly frustrated with how my old camera did with things close to the camera as the flash would often ruin the image, but without flash, it'd be all blurry. The new camera seems to deal with the flash reflection much better and also has a bunch of low-light settings for me to play with.

In truth, this gift is not really a gift for me, but a gift for you readers out there! Expect more, and better quality pictures from this point on!

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Bob said...

I hope you didn't use flower mode on your cat. Fur stinks when it burns.

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