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Monday, December 11, 2006

Partied from 5 to 5

Second pan of mango pudding (first one was pretty much finished at the potluck)

First, Yue has his going away party, which started at 5 pm Saturday at the Korean BBQ place on Queen St. I had no idea that that place had an upstairs. Pretty much everyone there I had seen on a volleyball court at some point. We should have just held the party on a volleyball court :p

Then we headed over to the good 'ol Firkin pub right next to my apartment, where we had the back room reserved. I stayed for a beer, and then took off around 9ish to go to Tina's potluck. It was funny when I got there b/c I saw Mike and I was like "I already saw you tonight..." as he was at Korean BBQ, but skipped the pub to presumedly go to the potluck.

I feel that I was responsible for seeding the potluck idea into her head b/c it was obviously not her other friends seeming as how a few of them brought pre-made stuff!!! That goes completely against the whole spirit of a potluck!!! You're supposed to make something!!! Half the fun is poisoning your friends (or strangers) :)

Anyways, after going to the C-Lounge a couple weeks ago with Tina and Donna, we hit Chinatown for some late night food. Donna only wanted the mango pudding from there and I commented that that's my specialty. They asked me to make some, and I said, half jokingly, that if they had a potluck, I'd make it and bring it (if I could find the necessary special ingredient).

Tina hosted a potluck and I was obliged to bring my signature dish. No, it's not made from powder. That is insulting! No, I didn't get the recipe off the internet. No, it's not an old family recipe passed down through the generations. I made the recipe myself! No, you can't have the recipe.

It was quite well received, despite the mango pudding not in its most amazing form, as the coconut milk I used had congealed and left a white film on the top, but it tasted fine. Most of the pan I brought was finished, which is good b/c I wouldn't know what to do with all the leftovers, considering that I had a whole second pan. I've realized that I can pick up girls, or at least greatly impress them, with this dish, and I could open a mango pudding store next to my Indian restaurant.

Anyways, so after my second dinner, wine, dessert, chilling & talking, and charades, it was 5 am. Nice way to kick start my vacation ;)


mimmers said...

can you send me some mango pudding?

Vince said...

I don't think it'll make it...

Nor do I think they allow such things to be sent in the mail :p

Bob said...

Sure they do, but you gotta put it in the proper container. Envelopes are not appropriate here.

Looks tasty. While you're at it send some my way!

Ms. Ly said...

mmm yum! my favourite part about mango pudding is the evaporated milk! i'm in toronto so it's very possible for you to bring me some without an envelope.. :) i'll be at gerstein tomorrow :D

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