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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas! ...or whatever you celebrate

Presents under the Christmas tree

My loot!
Yes, I got a Nintendo Wii!!! ...but I have to find it first :s

I WON THE LOTTERY!!! This should help me with the expectations put upon me.

Tiggy playing with his new mouse toy

The mouse was no match for Tiggy...

We started the day late, like 10 am, as we slept in. We opened the stockings (gifts from Santa, which reminds me, I forgot to include the chocolates I got from Santa in the picture above), then we opened the presents under the tree from family. With Marigold closed for Christmas, we went to Kum Koon for dim sum. It was pretty busy. The restaurant is pretty big, housing a good 200-300 people or something, and yes, all you Torontonians, there are Chinese people in Winnipeg and pretty much everyone in the restaurant was Chinese, and no that wasn't the entire Chinese population of Winnipeg :p. The afternoon was a bit of a blur (mostly involved me and Pobo), but 2 sets of {aunt, uncle, cousins} + "uncle" Bob + cousin Edwin came over for Christmas dinner (mmmm.... turkey and ham!)

Now I'm planning my Wii hunting...


Anonymous said...

i assume by wii hunting your folks have committed to purchasing you a wii if you can find one in the city? if you find one by wed bring it. or is it like a treasure hunt within the house?

Vince said...

Ya, I'll have a Wii once someone can find one to buy... Damn it, why won't they take my money??? I figured that the exchange of goods for money was a rather simple concept.

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