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Saturday, March 25, 2006


And by "research", I mean helping Nebojsa (my Microsoft advisor) move.

So I go to MSR (Microsoft Research) today to meet up with Nebojsa to discuss research. Turns out that for my 1-day internship, he's enlisted me and his two post-docs (Manuel and Joe) to help him move furniture from his old house to his new one!

It was pretty weird, and pretty fun just hanging out with these guys again. We did talk a bit of research in the moving van :p. And I did manage to mend fences.

Hey, I got a free lunch (really good near the Kirkland marina), free pizza for dinner (at Nebojsa's place), and wine. Apparently Nebojsa's having us over for dinner on Sunday now that he has furniture.

So, right now I'm at MSR by myself, a little drunk (like 3 glasses of wine), waiting to sober up a bit before I go back to Alex's place. Oh, and I'm swiping office supplies :)


Rob said...

"Microsoft Office" supplies perhaps??

yeah that was bad.. grab me some post-its while you're at it ;)

Rob said...

what? why didn't my comment show up?!? It was so clever and witty!

Rob said...

Oh now it's there... great, now I just look stupid.

Vince said...

Hahaha, it's called refreshing the page!

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