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Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm feeling lucky

Waiting for an hour and a half for the bus

Luck was definitely on my side yesterday.

My typical Friday is as follows:
  1. Wake up at an ungodly early hour (7ish) after just a couple hours of sleep

  2. Get on the bus to Blue Mountain

  3. Immediately fall asleep

  4. Wake up and snowboard

  5. Return to the bus and sleep until the bus arrives back in Toronto

The problem yesterday was that between steps 3 and 4, I missed an important announcement that we should take all our stuff with us, as the bus will not be staying at Blue Mountain and a different bus will be returning to pick us up. We always get to leave our stuff on the bus and I figured that if it wasn't the case that the point would be emphasized several times. In my groggy state when I woke up, I did recall hearing some sort of announcement by the bus driver, but he said it in a humorous tone, as if he was a flight attendant, and I thought he was joking.

Apparently not.

I left my bag (with iPod and glasses), shoes, and snowboard bag on the bus. At step 5, the bus wasn't in the parking lot as it had left and the replacement bus hadn't arrived. I found out the hard way by going around the parking lot like 5 times. This was especially fun half-blind, as I snowboard with contacts, but I take them out before going back onto the bus so I can sleep without my contacts sticking to my eyes. I figure that it's just a short walk to the bus from the lodge that I can manage without any visual aids.

I had most of my important stuff with me (wallet, cellphone, keys). My shoes were old. My snowboard bag was ripping. My iPod doesn't play videos. My glasses would be nice to have though, but they're replaceable and I've just switched to the U of T health plan, so I can get new glasses covered.

I was all prepared to write all the stuff off b/c I didn't have much hope that I'd be able to get it back from the bus company, at least not in a timely manner.

After a while, of all people, my face of all evil in the world announces that a snowboard bag was left on the bus. It was mine! What luck! I managed to recover my snowboard bag, that would at least make carrying my stuff back to my apartment easier.

It was actually good that the bus was late, b/c with all of us waiting in the parking lot, people started talking. On the bus, no one talks, except the people that already knew each other before hand. It's made worse in that everybody has their own seat. We've also been playing movies in the bus, so people either watch the (very loud) movie or sleep. On the slopes, everyone just goes their separate ways.

After an hour and a half, the bus finally arrives. Someone says that it's the same bus b/c he/she was sitting in the same seat before and the seat adjuster thing was broken. I looked around briefly, but didn't see my stuff. I figured that I'd wait until we get back to Toronto and everyone leaves before I look more carefully.

I wake up and in the first overhead bin I open, I see my bag and shoes!


My luck still didn't stop me from having yet another "of course" moment, but I still wouldn't have bet against me yesterday.


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