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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chindian fried noodles

I've been asked if I was Chindian before - a mix between Chinese and Indian, though I think she meant Native American. Anyways, this cooking experiment is fusion food with Chinese and "real" Indian.

I got the idea from who I think was the owner of Charisma East Indian Restaurant in Winnipeg. Upon discovering that me and my family was Chinese, he said that in India, a big trend was fusion food with Chinese food. Apparently, using Chinese noodles with Indian spices is big and he was contemplating adding it to his menu.

I completely made this up as I went along. I figured that I still had the jar of Indian curry and I had instant noodles. Why not try and make some fried noodles?

Ingredients: curry and instant noodles

Put some water and oil in the pan. More water required than the fried udon b/c the instant noodles need to be reconstituted. This wasn't enough water as I had to add extra water later.

Add the instant noodles

Cook the noodles until they break apart and is no longer hard

Spoon in some curry

The finished product

It was ok. Not that flavourful. I also put in too much oil as I was afraid of the noodles sticking and I was having problems getting the curry paste mixed in. I probably should've added the curry paste earlier when there was still some water in the pan, though the noodles were crispy, which was nice. The excessive amount of oil combined with the concentrated nature of the paste, it ended up being pretty heavy. It seemed like I needed something else in there. Maybe I should've made it more like real curry by having the noodles in a soup-like base. I don't think the curry paste is supposed to be eaten without adding additional stuff. Maybe I was supposed to use other Indian spices for the fusion dish. I also may have used the wrong type of noodles. Got any ideas?


Ms. Ly said...

that is my favourite brand of instant noodles :)

Bob said...

experimenting is always fun. My suggestion would be to add beer.

The pic where you added the curry sauce kinda looks like someone dropped a deuce in the middle of you noodles.

Vince said...

Ya, that's the best instant noodles!

And yes Rob, in retrospect, that pic is not the most appetizing :)

Anonymous said...

mild? ew.

John said...

how come this is turning into a cookin blog?

Jenika said...

haha it does look like...
yum! what about using egg noodles, and cooking them first so you don't have to add so much oil, so it's like curry chow mein?
as for taste, i don't know, salt and pepper? bok choy and douchi (fermented black beans)?

Vince said...

The real cooking blog is Random Acts of Cooking, but I've been waiting to officially announce it on my blog.

Sorry about the mild Nusraat. Next time I'll get the spicy. The mild was really mild and I wasn't a big fan.

I wanted to add in some veggies and stuff, but I was too lazy and I didn't have any choy in the fridge.

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